Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thank you ...and good night!

I DID IT!!!  I blogged every day for 1 whole month.  Now you all know how truly boring I really am!
But it was good.  There were days it was a struggle and I hated posting without pictures but it couldn't always be helped.

Thank you for bearing with me.  I promise I won't put you all thru that again...until perhaps next November.

The movie last night was really good. I'm going to go see it again I think, Breaking Dawn 1 really was beautifully done. I highly recommended it.

I have the beginnings of my village started today.  The houses are all in place and lit up, tomorrow I will be placing the trees and the people and the various activities that take place in Barbi-Town.  Yep..I'm the mayor, I can call it whatever I want.   LOL


Rachel S-H said...


Edo said...

Your not going to keep us posted all of this month too? You have to continue!! :-)

valerie said...

Congrats Barbi! Great job!

Daffycat said...

Congratulations, Barbi! NaBloPoMo is really hard work but you did it! Whee!