Friday, November 25, 2011

New Moon TUSAL

My November ort report is as follows.  Lots of ornies....beautiful autumn colours from MacDonald's Maple Leaf....some darker threads from Mary Margaret.  Lovely combinations of colours. For those that haven't yet and would like to join the TUSAL you can find the link on my sidebar and go visit Daffy-Cat's site to sign up.  Show off your ort's fellow stitcher''s just another way of showing off our progress :)

I'm going to stitch until I get a happy dance on Maple leaf tonight and there's a freebie or two that I would like to stitch up for ornies.  And then I have to gather and sort and organize the finishing that I have to do with the ornies that I've stitched not just this year...but (shamefully bows her head) last year as well!!  EEK!!  So tomorrow there will be NO cross stitching...only finishing! 

This is the last hunting weekend of the season!  And then I get my hubby back!  I can hardly wait to spend a full weekend with him!  We have actually planned a little romantic getaway to Ottawa.  Both out of necessity and out of pleasure.  We have to go to the embassy to renew his Hungarian passport, it's that time again.  But this is the first time that we've actually had to go to the embassy.  We've always been able to just get it done here locally at the Consulate, but rules changed this year and it has to be done there.  Which is ok...cause this way we are making an extended weekend of it.  Flying out on a Thursday and coming home on a Sunday.  We were going to wait with it but then we thought that if we wanted to go to Mexico in February we wanted to make sure that we had all our documents set before we make plans for that.  I think it will be wonderful.  We've never been to Ottawa, and I'm sure that it's lovely....even though it's really late fall/early winter. 

So much to do before Christmas and it already feels like the weekends are wasting away, and I have nothing done!!!! 

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Joysze said...

Good luck with all the paperwork, Barbi.