Monday, July 27, 2009


Finally finished! Sorry Kati, I'm a week behind, but this Sunday I got Home of A Needleworker finished for our SAL! And I did get as far as pulling the floss and doing a floss toss for the fabric for our next Sunday SAL....LHN Neighbourhood! Woo hooo, I have wanted to do this one for the last year! So I am excited about it. But first let me bathe in the glory of finishing this SAL. I love how it turned out and have to find the perfect frame for it.

Design: Home of a Needleworker
Designer: Little House Needleworks
Stitched on 28 ct. Lugana - Cameo
Floss: recommended Crescent Colours

Then second happy dance! I finished my July ornie. Christmas Fox, the companion piece to last month's Christmas Cow. Loved working on this too. Not sure what August's will be, but I'm happy with this month's for sure. I am going to have to find time to get these all completely finished as well.

Design: Christmas Fox
Designer: Leisure Arts
Stitched on 28 ct Jobelan - White
Recommended floss

We went camping this weekend, which was amazing. The weather was perfect, the water was perfect, we spent most of Saturday on the boat, which was wonderful. We docked at the beach and walked on the beach for a bit. I have to say it was a romantic weekend, just the two of us. I won't go into details, but it was a pretty amazing weekend. And I'm such a city girl. I practically squealed with glee on Saturday morning when I stepped out the trailer and heard a rustling in the tree nearby and saw a gorgeous grey owl fly out of it, followed by a smaller one. I was delighted! I had never seen one in real life out in the wild. In the zoo, yes, but not flying free.
So at the moment I'm working on my Bent Creek July square, and then hopefully get to work a bit on Rose of Sharon.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SAL update 6

Better late than never. It's finally a sunny day here in Calgary. Hopefully we'll get some true summer weather now. It's not like we don't deserve it. Sheesh! This weekend should be hopefully a good one for stitching. Lots of sun. No plans (well not me anyway) Hubby and some friends are going to be stripping the roof of shingles and putting on new ones. Should be interesting...eek. But leaves me with lots of stitching time. :)

My HofNW as of this past Sunday is posted above. Kati and I have talked about our new Sunday SAL once this one and is finished. It's going to be another LHN this time "little house neighbourhood" I have been dying to do this one for months now, and finally I'll be stitching it. So I'm totally excited about it! Makes me want to stitch double time on the one that we're stitching now, just so I can get started on the new one.

I'm working on my July ornie "christmas fox" at the moment. Hopefully have a finish on that one soon.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A finish & our annual ornie!

It's a dark and dreary rainy stormy day here today, so I will take a pic of my SAL tomorrow when the lighting isn't so dark. Not much was stitched yesterday on it, but I did get a little bit done on HofNW. So I'll post that tomorrow. We went to our Hungarian Cultural centre's annual picnic was wonderful to see old friends again! And talk some stitching! wooo hooo....we're planning a stash enhancement excursion in the hopefully near future. I need to enhance my Crescent Colors collection (you can't even call it that) is shamefully lacking. So I would like to work on that.

I do have a happy dance to share...It's LHN's Always and Forever. It's one that I've been wanting to do and have been working on it on and off for a month or so, and I finished that on Saturday night.

Design: Always and Forever
Designer: Little House Needleworks
Stitched on 28 ct. New Khaki
Fibres: Border: Six Strand Sweets - Chocolate covered cherries
Body Six Strand Sweets - Chocolate Peach

Stampede was great! We had our bbq beef on a bun. YUMMMMM And our mini donuts...Stampede is just not complete without the mini donuts. We had a good day, and left early enough so that we didn't run into the thousands of people that crowd in for the evening. So it was good. We bought our annual christmas ornament. There is a little booth there every year called Cowboy Christmas, and every year...well for the last 3 years, we've picked up an ornament from there. So this is our 2009 Christmas Together ornament. Isn't it adorable????

Friday, July 10, 2009

Long overdue SAL update!

Oh my gosh! I know it's been a while and it's Friday already, almost time to work on Home of NW again on Sunday, but I thought that I would get this in, better late then never. Feels like we're making a turn for the finish line soon, and Kati has already suggested another LHN SAL that I am all excited about. I just have to get the chart and the specialty threads ordered. It's exciting to know that we're going to be stitching together again. Maybe it will become a regular sunday SAL thing. :)

I also promised that I would upload pics of stash that I bought. First one are some new charts that I got, and the JCS Xmas preview issue. I would love to stitch all the ornies in there, but I know I will never have the time. The Birds of a Feather designs are kind of a new crush I have...I hesitate to say love, but a crush definitely...I'll wait and see how they stitch up. But they look gorgeous.

Then finally I picked up some odds and ends...fabrics, ribbons, pins all for finishing. I got a package of batting too, but didn't think that was very photo worthy. LOL

Now I'm hoping to get some stitching in this weekend, but tomorrow Hubby and I are going to the farmer's market in the morning and then we'll be heading down to the Stampede to take a look around and let's be honest....EAT! BBQ beef on a bun! Can only get the honest to goodness real beef on a bun during the Calgary Stampede, and our mouths have been watering all week for it.