Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SAL updates

All of them.....geesh!  I'm late on all of them.

So....let's begin...first before anything else, here's is my TUSAL for June. I am really late on this one.  Time gets away from me this time of year.  Things start to stir with Summer plans and road trips and yard work (however not much of that has gone on in the last few days....rain, rain, rain!) but today looks like the last of the rain.   AND  exciting news....the window and door installers were here yesterday and I have new windows and doors!!!  Finally!!!! We ordered them end of April...but because the weather in June has been so crappy they were weather delayed.  The sun peaked out for us yesterday though and they are in and they are gorgeous, and it looks like the house and the room got a face lift.  I love them.  When it's sunny out I will got and take pics...I can finally go out and do the planting under the windows as well because we've been holding off on that as we didn't want them to be trampled.

Second SAL update is Susannah!  My SAL with Kati.  She is getting close to the end too.  I was hoping to finish up the vine this Sunday but I just couldn't stitch anymore....this is actually a two week update because I didn't get a chance to post last week.  Just the vine and the flower left now.  WOO HOO!!!  Don't know if I'll be doing any stitching this weekend, with it being the long weekend.  It's all going to depend on whether we are going away....or going camping...or staying home.  It'll be a surprise...for me anyway.  LOL

And my last SAL update...which also includes my next finish...is 6 Fatmen.  Finally finished the 3rd block.  It was a biggie...but a goodie!  Snow Friends is so cute.  I LOVE the owl, and the birds and the bunny, and lets not forget the colour of that jacket!!! Love it!!!  So my next block is going to be the one called "Snowed In"  this is also going to depend on what is happening this weekend and whether I need to do a pile of laundry...or just enjoy a nice hot shower and relax.  Or I could be stitching all day...It'll be a surprise...again LOL

And finally a new start!  There are so many things I want to start, but this one has been calling me since I got it. It's the companion piece to Sergei....this is the start of Plum Street Samplers - Maxim & Moya.  Love the colours on this one.  It's stitched on the same fabric as Sergei the Violet Twist.  I really love this fabric and wish that I had more of it...but with hand dyes you never know what you're going to get if you order it again...but it might be worth a shot cause I really love this fabric.

I still have to do my June square for 12 days of Christmas, 6 geese a laying....I got the border stitched but that's it.  Perhaps tonight I'll put needle to fabric and get it done.   And I am dying to start another Mirabilia!  I even dreamt about it...now you know how sick a puppy I really am.  I spent hours in my sleep one night, going thru charts and fabrics and floss trying to decide which one to do.  Didn't get very far because I still don't know which one I want to do, but I am definitely leaning towards Elizabeth. But I really would like to do the In My Garden seasons as well.  Decisions...decisions.

At any rate...that's my story....those are my updates...This is my post.  :)

OH!!! And this is my dog  :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's day!!!

In my heart forever!  Miss you every minute.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fatman Update

Hubby took the camera to work with him yesterday so I couldn't do an update yesterday...but here they are today in all their glory.  Still working on that 3rd block..it's a big one.  You don't realize it until you get into it, and then it's like never ending.  But he's coming along...still looking smashing in his begonia coloured jacket I must say..he does strike a pose..doesn't he?

Thank you so much for all the well wishes for our anniversary.  It seems like it was just yesterday...still...after all these years.  He still makes my heart skip a beat when he winks at me. 

Well ladies that's it until we get back back from our little rendevous!  Have a great hermit weekend...boo hoo...missing it this month.  But hey....my alternative is pretty good. :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

L M N O P...

...q r s ...t u v   yep come on...I know you're all singing it...it's ok...me too.  LOL

I had a great stitching day yesterday...and got lots done on Suzannah (our Sunday SAL with Kati)...she's got more letters and I think that it looks great!  Rounding the corner now on her I think...not too long now and she'll be finished.  Not sure how much time I'm going to have this coming Sunday with her though..we're going away for the weekend.  It's our 9th anniversday on Friday and hubby and I are going away for a little romance...we were going to go camping but the weather isn't co-operating, so I think we're going to go to a little mountain retreat with some hot springs and enjoy each other!  Sounds like a plan!
Plenty of time for camping later when the weather is warmer.

Working on the fatmen tonight...off to shower and have dinner and settle in with my jammies and my snowmen :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Snowman Fun!

Just a quicky note, cause it's beautiful outside at the moment, between days of rain supposedly...so I'm going outside to do a little yardwork, fill the birdfeeder and pick up dog poop!  Ahhhh the divine life of a Barbi J!  LOL  Jealous huh? 

But I thought that I would share the progress that I mad on the fatmen before it's almost time to stitch on them again.  I love the colours (yes ladies...in Canada this is spelt correctly) of this square!  It's so hard to stop stitching on them after just one night a week..but I'm being good and getting them off the q-snaps before the end of the night so I'm not tempted.

And to end the post....a lovely shot of the Queen of Shiba's herself....Lulu! 

Now off to pick up her little dollops of joy!  LOL

Monday, June 4, 2012

Letters for Susie...

I didn't have an update last week because I didn't do any stitching at all last weekend.  I tried but I just didn't have any stitching mojo in me.  I did manage to get it back this weekend and worked on and finished 5 golden rings.  Which was a little blurring in the picture for some reason, so I will be retaking it.  I love working on these Prairie Schooler ornaments.  These are my first PS's but once they are all done, I know that they won't be my last.  Love them!!!

Then there's Suzannah....ahhh my poor mouthless girl...she has some solid ground to stand on now...and some letters as well.  I was debating on whether I should do the flower side or the letters, and Sharon...just for you...I did the letters!  LOL

Tonight with the Stanley Cup playoff on, and the Bachelorette..I should get some serious stitching time in on my 6 Fatmen! Although I'm so comfy in my chair right now it feels like I could just sit and veg all evening too! 

How I wish it were Friday...*sigh*