Friday, July 10, 2009

Long overdue SAL update!

Oh my gosh! I know it's been a while and it's Friday already, almost time to work on Home of NW again on Sunday, but I thought that I would get this in, better late then never. Feels like we're making a turn for the finish line soon, and Kati has already suggested another LHN SAL that I am all excited about. I just have to get the chart and the specialty threads ordered. It's exciting to know that we're going to be stitching together again. Maybe it will become a regular sunday SAL thing. :)

I also promised that I would upload pics of stash that I bought. First one are some new charts that I got, and the JCS Xmas preview issue. I would love to stitch all the ornies in there, but I know I will never have the time. The Birds of a Feather designs are kind of a new crush I have...I hesitate to say love, but a crush definitely...I'll wait and see how they stitch up. But they look gorgeous.

Then finally I picked up some odds and ends...fabrics, ribbons, pins all for finishing. I got a package of batting too, but didn't think that was very photo worthy. LOL

Now I'm hoping to get some stitching in this weekend, but tomorrow Hubby and I are going to the farmer's market in the morning and then we'll be heading down to the Stampede to take a look around and let's be honest....EAT! BBQ beef on a bun! Can only get the honest to goodness real beef on a bun during the Calgary Stampede, and our mouths have been watering all week for it.


Deb said...

The BBQ beef sounds yummy. But I'm not only drooling over the BBQ beef, all that stash is drool-worthy! What a haul!

katica said...

awesome stash haul! Love all of it! I have both of those BBD's as well... and it looks like we maybe heading down to the stampede tomorrow as well, but for me its mini donuts and corn dogs :O)

FayeRaye said...

Goodness gracious!! You made a major haul girl!~ way to go! now about that know good ole southern pork bbq just cant be beat!LOL Have a good one and thanks for your comment1

Jan said...

Such wonderful progress on this beauty! And I love all of your new stash, and all of that finishing supplies, way cool! Enjoy that Barbecue Beef!!