Thursday, November 3, 2011

No stitching last night

Once I finished posting here last night, I did a little bit of surfing and taking my turn at my game obsessing on Facebook "Words with Friends"  I'm playing with 7 people and I love it.  It's not a big committment each day either, cause you play your word and wait for your partner to do theirs, and that be whether they are on next, or when they feel like it.  So it's great.  Perfect for me.  I did my surfing...looking at stitching sites, stitching blogs, making a list of everything that catches my eye. (my list is very long!!!) But when I do some stash shopping I always cross off a couple of items.  Enabler's...that's what you all are!  LOL

Then when I was done at the computer I sat down and pulled out all of my JCS Christmas Issues with a pad of stickie notes and marked off all the ornies that I would like to stitch out of those.   ummmm....I wonder how many trees I can fit in my house?  There are some that I have literally wanted to stitch for YEARS and never I think that I might concentrate on those for a while...but then I also want to stitch all the LHN ornies...seeing as I have all of them....and then there's the ....... oh it's no use...there will always the something that I want to stitch and never get around too.  So we'll just all have to wait and see what hit's my fancy when I sit down for some ornie stitching again.  Which I think will be this weekend.  Snow is predicted for tonight and into tomorrow, which will mean the hubby is going out into the wild blue yonder to hunt.  He has his hobbies...I have mine!  LOL  It all even's out in the end.

I've got emails to catch up on if you are waiting for one from me, I'll get to them this weekend.  :)

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