Sunday, November 20, 2011

About to settle in...

for a night of stitching.

Spent a lovely morning and afternoon with hubby.  Went out for breakfast and then did a little Christmas shopping.  Almost finished now.  Only have to buy for the baby and the baby-daddy and then it's all done accept for the wrapping.  Which I love to do. 

I've started thinking about my christmas village and having to do the finishing on the ornaments that I've stitched through-out the year.  So I'm going to be doing those during the evenings I think this week and then major on Saturday.  So I might have to put the cross stitching aside on Saturday and get those done.  It'll be fun.  Put on some Christmas music or a couple of good girl movies and I'm off.   Did you know that the one radio station that I listen to at work has already started playing Christmas music all day, every day!  They started on Nov 15th.  Now I'm all for Christmas music...and yes I am listening to it...but doesn't that seem a tad early to you?  It's always been Dec 1st they start.  Oh's up to them I guess.

Oh!  While we were out I also bought my New Year's Eve outfit!  We have made plans to go the Hungarian Cultural Centre and ring in the New Year with friends...and that includes my love Kati and her DH  and hopefully Edit and her's :)  It's going to be a magical night...I can feel it  :)

Look how much stitching I got done yesterday and Friday!  I think I did pretty well so far for my hermit weekend.  More to come with Mary Margaret, who poor thing hasn't had a stitch in her yet today...but I'm about to rectify that in about 15 minutes or so.

I think I might have a happy dance with this one this week.  Thanks again to Dani for letting me borrow the chart.  I love this!


Dani - tkdchick said...

Ooh your McDonald Mapleleaf looks fantastic! Glad to see my chart go to good use!

valerie said...

Congrats on your finish! The maple leaf looks amazing!

Carol said...

That maple leaf is looking incredible, Barbi. It must be such fun to see the faces subtly appear as you stitch along... You'll be happy dancing this week, I'm sure!

Joysze said...

Oh, I love your maple leaf!!!!