Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another pic-less post!

EEK!  And another day without stitching...what is becoming of my world??  LOL  had company tonight which was nice but I don't know...there's something about having people over on weeknights that seems to throw the whole week off.  Or am I just that anti-social?

Tomorrow after work I'm going to Costco and I'm going to do my grocery shopping and then on Saturday when they are saying that it's going to be blistering cold here and hubby will be off hunting for the day, I may just build a nice fire in the fireplace (first of the year) and stitch and watch girl movies.  Or the shows that I've pvr'd and want to watch.

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Tracey said...

sounds like a great plan! I haven't gotten much stitching done this week either, and I didn't even have company! Got a little done last night and some tonight though. :)