Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hermit weekend/Sunday SAL

Well I meant to do way more than just a few hours of stitching on Sunday. I had planned to start stitching an ornament on Saturday and then work on Humboldt on Sunday.  Saturday we ended up going grocery shopping (which is our usual Saturday morning activity) then in the afternoon we had Jaxon's (my grand nephew) 2nd birthday. I can't believe that he's 2 already and that his little brother, Liam, is on the verge of standing and taking off on his own as well.  I swear that little one is going to walk before he can crawl!  They are a couple of precious boys!  So anyway, we were there, stayed for a couple of hours came home, took a nap...woke up and DID NOT feel like stitching at all.  I was in such a cozy state that I just curled up in my chair under my fur blanket and watched movies, and the Roughnecks game on tv (Lacrosse)  big fan!  We have season tickets to all the home games, but they were playing up in Edmonton last weekend so it was televised. (this coming weekend they have a home playoff game....Go Necks Go)  ANYWAY!!  LOL  So I didn't get any stitching done on Saturday. 

Sunday....great day....got up, Skyped with relative in Hungary, and friend in australia and a friend in Kelowna.  (Sunday was a busy skype morning)  Got dressed...went for a lovely brunch with the hubby and the mummy (hehe) came home and sat down to stitch on Humboldt.  Made a good bit of headway on it I think.

So this week I've picked out a couple of ornies that I want to stitch for the boys (yep their yearly ornies already)  For Liam I'm stitching a sock monkey ornament, a couple of years back there was on in the JCS ornie issue, and Liam's favorite toy for the last coupleof months is a sock monkey, so that will mark his ornie for this year.  And for Jaxon I'll be stitching some sort of owl.  There are lots of them out there so I just have to find one that speaks to me.  He loves owls and hoo-hoo's all day long. :) 

So am I the only person that thinks about Christmas and christmas ornies and christmas stitching at least every second day, if not every day?  I wonder sometimes if I'm obsessed, but I think that as stitcher's/crafter's don't we all think about it year round.  Interesting to know if it's just me, or are there others that share in my Christmas madness.  Now I do admit I am a little Christmas crazy...but I love it!

Monday, April 15, 2013


Hola!  Well ladies, Mexico was wonderful!!!  We had a couple of cool days but that was ok, gave us time to take in some dance lessons and do a little shopping.  And let the burns settle into nice tans.  I will organize some pics and share those here soon.
My stitching mojo was a little off since I've been back.  Was busy getting back into the swing of things and just plain being too tired at the end of the day to do anything but sit and watch tv or read, my stitching was one of those things that went by the way side.  It was back in time for my Sunday SAL with Kati on Humboldt Coast.  I am pretty impressed with my progress on Sunday.  It was a cold snowy day, so it was easy to sit in my comfy chair here by the window and watch it snow and stitch all afternoon.

I finished this little piece before I left for Mexico, it's been done by a couple of my favorite stitchers already and I was dying to do it was well, and finally this year I did it.  YEAH  I love it!!

Last and not least...my belated TUSAL.  Just threads from these two projects this past month.  Hopefully more next new Moon.