Sunday, April 18, 2010


I've been sick!  Oh boy have I been sick.  Pretty much by the time the doctor dragged me in to an exam room because he couldn't stand how I sounded anymore, he said that there was only a 25% chance that I would fight of the cough and cold that I had without antibiotics and that if I chose to do that it would most definitely have been pneumonia! Nice odds!!  So I went on the antibiotics.  the first round didn't work and I'm on my second round now.  But I am feeling human again.  So that's a bonus.

Along with the stitching mojo went out the backdoor as well, so I didn't get much stitching done.  Only really started again this weekend, so here's a quick scan of the progress on BOAF's - Bitter Flower Sampler.  I love how it's turning out...and hoping to have a finish of it this week.

I didn't have much to add my TUSAL jar, but here that is as well, it holds the orts of  the finish of the humminbird, Reindeer, He's a flake and Snowy pines.  All the ornies were stitched over one so it didn't have much bulk.

Hubby is going out of town this week for work.  He was supposed to be leaving today, but they decided they are going to leave in the morning instead, so I have one more night with him before he goes.  After that it's going to be junk tv and stitching until he gets back.  LOL