Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well my friends...2009 is coming to an end, and a brand new shiny year is a few hours away. May your's be filled with lots of love and happiness...and for those of us....lots of stitching!

I won't be finished my Snapper Year this year. I am still about 1/2 a border away from it, so it will be my first finish of 2010!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Sweetest Gift! - Merry Christmas to all

Today in the mail I recieved the sweetest gift I think that I will get this Christmas. Kati sent me one of her beautiful stitched ornaments that I admired and fawned over on her blog, but certainly didn't think that one was for me. So imagine my delight when I opened the envelope that came in the mail today.
Thank you Kati! Love you!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a safe and joyful Christmas!
Merry, Merry!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The rest of the house

My tabletops and such also take a good day to set out, so I thought that I would share those with you too. My white tables, my desk. My side tables etc. All things I've collected over the years and can't resist. At Christmas I am definitely NOT a minimalist. LOL

All my shopping is now done, just the wrapping to do, but the great thing now is that they have just slip those in...fluff up a little tissue, and more than half are done. Bags are so pretty.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

More decorations.

No stitching going on...just decorating. But I'm now DONE!!! So hopefully this weekend(cross my fingers) I'll actually be able to feel what it's like to have a needle in between my fingers again. At this rate Snapperyear's border won't be finished by the end of the year...but I'm hoping. I only have a couple of more things to pick up as gifts, and then some cookie baking to do and then it's just sit back and relax. (the best laid plans...right?)

We're made our plans for New Year's eve, we're going (as we do every year) to the Hungarian Culture Centre for some fabulous food, dancing and great friends! Some I haven't seen since last New Year's, so it's always a good time :)

The Main tree is up, this is the one that stands in our living room, with the village on top of the entertainment unit. Next year we are going to actually build it it's own setting, so I'm looking forward to that. It's a slow process of collecting a piece each year, but it's coming together, and I love it :) You'll also see under the tree 3 of my snowglobes, I have a collection of those as well, which I'll try to show more of tomorrow.

Thank you all for your comments on my stitching tree. That tree is a work in progress that I love to show off, and brag about.

Friday, December 11, 2009

My stitching tree

***Warning Picture Heavy***
The first of my sets of pictures. I had to start with my stitching tree...that's how Mom refers to it and she's pretty much right...this tree in our family room has nothing but stitched ornaments on it. the majority being stitched by me and then gifts from stitching friends as well. I love love love putting this tree up every year. It gets bigger and bigger each year.

Along the fireplace you will see our stockings all hung with care. These are all cross stitched by me as well, accept for Elexandra's and Judy's. Those one's were done by Judy, my sister-in-law. Who, pretty much after these stockings, retired her stitching needles. You'll see mine, My Hubby's, my three neices, Brent(Brother) and Judy's (his wife) all in a row. That was a very productive and busy stitching year for us. We decided that we wanted to have Stitched stockings and we pretty much started the day after Christmas one year, and stitched all year.

I've taken a couple of shots of the room at different angles as well.
You can click on all pictures to see bigger views.

Not much stitching going on...too many other things to do right now. I'll be building the village and doing the tabletops tonight & tomorrow. Standing up the tree in the living room tonight to drape, and wrapping the lights on it tomorrow. letting it drape again and then putting on the ornaments on the big living room tree on Sunday...then it's just a matter of sitting back and admiring all the Christmas gorgeousness!

Friday, December 4, 2009

December Swirls

In more ways that one...first here is the last square of my snapper year. I am going to start working on the border and hopefully soon I'll have a happy dance on this one.

We're having a blizzard!!!!! Not just a heavy snowfall, a blizzard with wind blowing, and snow falling and zero visibility! It's CRAZY!!!! I'm so glad that we're home and that we have no where to go this weekend. We can just start decorating the house.

I'm going to do my family room this weekend (with any luck) That's where my craft tree goes. And my stockings will be hung. Next week I'll do the living room and the village. But I'm thinking that I might get some of the village and the tabletops started during the week, so that all that's left for next weekend will be the tree. But we'll see how thing pan out. Either way I will get some decorating done this weekend, and maybe even some baking....mmmmm mmmmmmm!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My ornament finishes 2009

Let the decorating begin!!! I love Christmas Month!
Happy 1st of December everyone!