Monday, May 31, 2010

Last day of May

And right on time to post my May Reindeer, mind you it was finished last week, I just haven't had the time to post and upload it.  It's a design out of the 1997 JCS Christmas Ornie magazine.  I forgot to mention that the PS two by two deer that I posted in my last post was also from an old JCS Xmas mag from 1998.  This month's has much more too it, but I thought that this was enough out of it to make my ornament.  Sometime's you just have to take creative liberities...right?

Reindeer on the roof - By Mary Garry from 1997 JCS Xmas ornie issue - stitched on 29 ct white lugana

I'm working on LHN's Red house in winter right now, over 1 so it will take a while for it to be done, but I'm hoping by the end of this week I'll have that done, and then I can start a new big project.  Just haven't decided which one yet.

Still haven't received my fabric.....argh!  Although they assured me again that it was shipped last week!  We'll see.

But exciting news.  Hubby and I booked our flights to Europe!  We're leaving for Hungary on Aug 11 and coming back on Sept 1!  Hoping to make a side trip to Prague as well, so we'll see how things work out there.  Now I have to do some research to get a list of stitchy shops in Hungary.  Have car...will drive!  LOL

Friday, May 14, 2010

It's the weekend

Oh yes it is!  And it's going to be a beautiful one weather wise.  So that means working outside.  YEAH!  And doing some recycling!  Not so YEAH!  But it needs to be done and it'll be a nice pay-off in the end as well.  May even be enough to pay for a little long weekend getaway!  Hubby has been gone for a few weeks working out of town, and he's coming home to mama!  Wooo hoooo! 

I finished my April reindeer, yes I know that it's May, but I didn't stitch April's so far, so here it is.  I love it!

Two by Two - Deer by Prairie Schooler Stitched on 26 Ct White Lugana

I have my May one all set in the qsnap's already.  So we'll see what's on tv or put a good girl movie into the dvd player and see how it goes.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is there anyone still out there?

Oh my gosh!  I know I am such a bad, bad blogger! I haven't abandoned my blog, in fact I visit it every day to get to your blogs to read them all and look at all your lovely pictures.  It's just that mine sits here all dusty.  Haven't been motivited to write anything about myself.  LOL  Nothing much to write about.  Still feeling a little sluggish, but I'm thinking it's more just lazy than anything to do with the cold that I had. 

I've been going room by room and cleaning and de-cluttering.  Goodwill is one of my benefactors....lots of stuff I'm getting rid of cause there is no sense in keeping clothes that don't fit anymore, and even if I did get back down into being able to wear them I want new clothes.  So bags of clothes have been leaving my house on a weekly basis.  Same with loads of books, lots of stuff that we dont' need anymore, or should have been thrown out back in the day but you keep it "just in case"  Does anyone in their right mind have 5 coffee pots?  You know when the coffee maker doesn't work anymore but you keep the pot? "just in case"  I have a lot of those.  LOL  Oh well.

I did finish the Bitter Flower Sampler.  I LOVE this!  I don't know why but I can't wait to get this framed and up on the wall.  I still haven't stitched my April reindeer, so I have that all kitted up and the fabric in the qsnaps ready to go.  I'm hoping to start that tonight and get that posted before next month.  Gosh!

The Bitterest Flower Sampler by Birds of a Feather - Stitched on 32 ct Cameo Lugana

One thing that I am upset about, and I don't know if anyone else has dealt with these people before, but ARGH!!!!!!!!   I placed an order thru Silkweavers back on March 20 for fabric for our Sunday SAL with Kati....we are going tot be stitching the Carriage house girls...starting with Molly.  But we (or at least I) are/am still waiting for the fabric.  Well let me tell you Silkweavers now ships thru or distributes thru or I don't know what it has to do with "Needleworker's delight"  Let me assure you...there is nothing delightful about them.  I wrote to them on April 13th asking about my order and got a reply that the fabric was out of stock but it was arriving that week and will be sent by the end of the week...fine...I'm in Canada...give it some time.  Waiting...nothing...I wrote to them again May 5th.  No reply.  Wrote to them again yesterday May a reply today "that will be shipped this week...sorry for the delay"  hmmmmm  what about the one that was supposedly shipped on the week of April 13th??  Interesting... NOT!!!  ARGH!  I love silkweaver's fabric and I loved dealing with Silkweavers when there was no "delightful people" involved...but I'm really sorry to say that I will not be ordering from them again.  So I will be needing suggestions of where you get your handdyed fabbies.  :)