Tuesday, June 4, 2013


You may have noticed on my sidebar I have a new tag that directs you to Walk with Mel.  Well I have decided to walk with Mel...a mile a day....bad knee and all my other aches and pains. There were a couple of days that I even managed to do more than a mile, but with each mile that I walk, I also bike, or do a cardio or toning workout.  Mel was just the inspiration, motivation, kick start that I needed.  So now instead of talking about doing something about my fat ass, I'm actually doing something about it.  And so far it feels good.  It's a struggle still to get started everyday, because believe me, I would rather be in my stitching chair working on something, but I'm taking the time instead to work on me.  Long slow journey it will be, but I'm on the road.  I even got two jars for marbles.  One for the amount that I need to lose and then one empty one to move the marble over as I lose the weight.  So far...in two weeks...I've moved over 6 marbles!  I'll take that!!  Only 99 more to go!  LOL!

So as I was telling Kati, with being so busy most of the time, the only day that I really do have time to stitch is on Sunday...so the only project that I am really working on right now is humboldt coast, and here is my two week progress pic.  I didn't post last week..my bad!  So here it is in all it's glory.  This was jusst a quickie pic so sorry for the wrinkles.