Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter's coming!

I love Easter,  I love Easter almost as much as I love Christmas, I just don't decorate for year I might have an Easter tree!  LOL I love the food and the baking and the CHOCOLATES!!!  Has anyone tried these new Aero Eggs? Oh my WORD!!!!  This was a brilliant invention!  And only 120 calories!  Brilliant I say, just brilliant. 

And now because it's Easter, let me post a picture of another tiny Christmas ornie...or one that will be an ornie.  LOL  (it doesn't really have anything to do with Easter, I'm just stressing the irony)

LHN - Snowy Pines, stitched on Platinum 28 ct Luganan, over 1

Still waiting for my charts and fabbie, on Molly. ARGH, I am not a patient waiter AT ALL!   But I will wait some more.  So today I think that I am going to start BOAF's Bitter Flower Sampler.  I love this design, so now I'm going to do it for my future sampler wall.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A tiny finish

Just thought I'd post this while I was sitting here reading blogs, I thought it would probably be nice if I posted more than once a week too.  I wish my life was interesting enough to write every day...but alas....

I did finish my LHN ornament He's a Flake.  I really liked stitching this one.  Although I am still of the opinion that stitching over 1 is tedious, but it makes for a pretty little ornament.  People are going to have to look at this year's ornaments on the stitching tree with spectacles.  LOL

LHN's He's a Flake - Stitched on 28 ct mystery teal, 1 over 1

I'm going to settle in and start LHN's Snowy Pines (over 1 of course) and then I'm not sure what's next. but good news Kati and I have decided that we are going to stitch Carriage House's girls for our Sunday SAL's.  We're going to start with Molly.  We are just both waiting for fabric I think.  I am anyway, and also the charts, I went ahead and order all 4 of them at once so that I have them.  But I'm very excited about it.  Until then though I'm not sure what I'll do as a bigger project, but a new one is definitely in order.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Good stitching weekend

I love it when the weekend comes together and you manage to get all the housework and the grocery shopping and everything out of the way early enough that the rest of the weekend is your's to do with what you want.  That's the kind of weekend that I had and I managed to have not 1, but 2, happy dances.

The first is my Hummingbird.  I love the way it turned out.  The picture doesn't do it any justice AT ALL.  It's really quite fetching in real life.

Hummingbird by Island Art, Stitched over 2 on 28 ct. white Jobelan

Second happy dance is my March reindeer ornament, this one is a freebie by Aury  stitched over 1.
Reindeer by Aury, stitching over 1 on 28 ct Jobelan
I actually started He's a flake by LHN on Sunday as well and planned on finishing it up today, but after settling in and after about 10 stitches, I didn't feel like stitching tonight.  So I packed it all up and will pull it out tomorrow.

Monday, March 15, 2010

TUSAL & Stash enhancement

I was hoping to have a pic of a happy dance ready for you today, but it didn't happen.  Hubby came down with a brutal I don't know about your husband's...but when mine gets sick...he turns into a whiny sniveling baby, that is convinced that he's going to die any second.  ARGH!!  So between that and putting drops in Mom's eyes all weekend, it was GREAT!!!  but I did manage to get some stitching done, just not enough to finish.  I'm hoping though that this week should do it and I'll have my hummingbird finished.  Then I'm on to stitching Ornaments, my March reindeer still needs to be stitched and my LHN ornie for this month as well.

But in the meantime....I've put a few more threads into my TUSAL jar.  The only threads that were added to it were from my efforts on my hummingbird.

Then I did some shopppppinnnnnngggg!  I love it when the mail brings delightful things.  The Goode Huswife book has been one that I have been going back and forth on for a year now...and I finally couldn't stand it anymore and I had to get it.  There's still another book that I want to get of her's but I'll wait and see on that one.  Maybe another year of going back and forth.  LOL

Frederika & Frederick are ones that I have been coveting since they've been published as well, so I had to get those ones.   There are also a few other ones that I want to get by Carriage House. I need to get the 4 girls.  I never thought too much about them until just recently, when I saw them all done up and framed side by side, and fell in love.  Thank you very much enablers!  You know who you are!  LOL

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We've been back for 1 1/2 weeks now, I am living in the delusion that we just got home.  It helps me get thru the days.  It has been a whirlwind of activity since we've been back.  We got the call right after we got home that Mom was scheduled for her cataract surgery.  WOW...they don't kid around either, the wait is long  (almost a year) but when they call on Monday, they said checkup on Wednesday, 1st surgery on Saturday, recheck on Sunday....then they did the second eye today, Wednesday, and then recheck tomorrow morning. So she's got both eyes done now.  The one from today is bothering her a little more than the one that they did on Saturday, but it'll be fine.  :)

Work of course is crazy, the worst part about going away on holidays is that no one does your job, and the bits that they do aren't done as well.  So nothing flows right.  So with some overtime, and some organizing, I'm getting caught up and should be by the end of this week.  WHEW! was WONDERFUL!!!!  We snorkled everyday, sat by the pool every day.  We went on two excursions....the first was a day on the boat deep-sea finishing, which was amazing.  Hubby thought that he was going to get seasick, but nothing came of it, so that was good.  We did land an 89 inch Sailfish.  GORGEOUS!  I will post pictures soon. I still want to develop our underwater pics from when we were snorkling.  And then the second excursion was to Chichen Itza.  Also amazing.  We are definitely going back next year.  We have a couple of other places that we would like to see, and things to do  :)

I have managed to stitch since we've been back.  Here's a pic of my hummingbird project.  I'm hoping to have a good stitching weekend and might even manage to get it finished. 

I did some stash shopping as well.  I'll post a pic of that too in the next couple of days.  I just wanted to write so that you don't start thinking that I abandoned my little blog. 

Missed you guys!