Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm gonna be a mom again!!!

....of a new furbaby!  It's been a long time since Missy and we're finally ready for our next one.  She's a brand new baby Shiba Inu....we've already named her Lulu and she's 4 weeks old.  She'll be able to come home when she's 7 weeks.  So my baby is coming home on Oct 15th.  And we're so excited.  We go out to the the kennel where she was born every Saturday to see her, give her a cuddle, and see how much she's grown.  She has already stolen our hearts and we already know that she's going to be soooo spoiled!  LOL  Oh my gosh I can hardly wait until (1) Saturday and (2) for her to come HOME!!!

I've got some happy news on the stitching front.  I finished The Song They Sang, and I love it.  It's the second addition to add te the sampler wall I want to create one day.  I have to get a puppy one that I know Diane has done from LHN. I will have to whip out the c/c and have a look around to order it.  hehehe! Isn't it amazing that us stitcher's can always find an occasion or something to stitch about/for.  LOL

I didn't get a chance to work on Molly last weekend, that's why there was no update.  But this weekend I got to spend some time with her and this is how far I got.  She's coming along.  I just love working on her.  So that bodes well for the other three that Kati and I will be stitching on our Sunday SAL. 

I'm going to focus on doing some ornaments, I haven't really stitched any over the summer.  Mostly because we weren't home a lot of the time and I had other things that I wanted to work on more.  I've actually found a couple or three reindeer that I am going to stitch, so as much as I said I was going to give up on them, I have found some refreshing pieces to move me along with my reindeer commitment to myself  :)  Plus I would like to do a couple of things that are quick finishes. I'm in need of some immediate gratification.  We all know how that is when we start working on big pieces, and it seems to take forever, it would be nice to have a finish now and then.  So that's what I will fulfill with my ornaments.  :)

Thanks so much for the compliments on my figurine.  She's porcelain, and she's actually made in Hungary, we went to the factory where they are made in Hollohaza and she's called Seamstress.  I love her.  I picked up another couple of pieces while I was there as well to add to my collection that I already have that my mom and my aunt's started me on.  I love them all.  And I always get excited when there are new pieces. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Molly, Birds & TUSAL

Lots to share today....well maybe not that much, but everything seems like an effort this week.  I have a COLD!!  And it's one of those ones that is achey, sneezing, stuffy-head, you CAN'T rest colds.  Mind you Nyquil does seem to do the trick, but it's not going away.  Boy have you ever tried Nyquil? Sleep like a baby!!!  I'm going to miss it when my cold's gone.  LOL

So I got a little bit of stitching time last week during the week but not as much as I would have liked.  There always seemed to be something that had to be done in the evening so I really didn't get a chance to work on The Song They Sang until here's my meezly progress on that.

And then there's Molly.  Got lots done on her, or at least it felt like I stitched lots.  Do you ever get that?  You feel like you've got lots of stitching done and when you look at it at the end of the day, there doesn't look like there's much progress, and yet you know you've been working at it for hours.  Well that's kind of what it was like this Sunday on Molly. 

Then I have my TUSAL update.  That little stitching girl next to the jar is one of the porcelain treasures that I picked up from my trip to Hungary.  I saw her and fell in love....and had to have her, so fitting, don't you think?

I received the JCS Christmas ornament issue in the mail today!  YEAH!!!!  So I'm going to sit down now with a nice steaming cup of tea with honey, and I'm going to browse thru it for the 1st of what will surely be 50 times.  LOL

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We're home!

We've actually been home for a week now, and I'm back to work, but still after more than 3 weeks away and almost a month away from work, it feels like we just got home. 

We had a wonderful trip.  Visited family and friends and walked the banks of the Danube at night and stopping at streetside cafe's drinking espresso and partaking in delectable pastries.  OH MY!  It was so romantic!  I recommend everyone do it at least once.

But everything is back to normal, and we're back in routine.  I was kind of missing the routine, I am a creature of habit so it's good to be back and doing what needs to be done.

I have gotten back into stitching as well, I didn't get a chance at all to stitch while we were away, believe me I did pack a project to take with me but it didn't even make it out of the case, so it will be one of my next projects.   I got a lot of time on Sunday to stitch on Molly.  I was still sort of adjusting to the time change again, and woke up early in the morning, put on some coffee and took her out to work on.  And this is the result of my Sunday stitch. 

I also got to work on The Song they Sang.  I'm feeling a happy dance coming on with this one soon, maybe even this week.  We'll see how it goes, I love working on it so that makes it go by quickly.

I have totally lost count on how many ornies I have to stitch and what I've stitched.  So I'll see.  I've kind of lost the flavor of the reindeer a month yen.. I might just wing it and just stitch what hits me as being fun to stitch.  The reindeer were starting to become a chore, so I think I'm going to switch it up.

And how was everyone's August?