Saturday, November 20, 2010

Long time!

Argh!  It's been a long time I know.  I try and I think about it lots...posting that is...but when I sit down all I find I want to do is read all of your's instead of updating mine.  All of your's are so much more interesting. 

I've been doing some stitching some that I can show you and one that I can't share yet, but hopefully at the beginning of the week my exchange partner will receive her ornament and I'll post that.  I received mine from Annette and it's beautiful...both of them actually, another one of her hobbies is she was generous enough to send me one of those for my tree as well.  Which I will happily hang on my tree :)  Thank you Annette!

My Sundays have been full of family and christmas shopping, so I haven't put a stitch at all into Molly since my last update!  Sorry Kati!!  I'm going to snuggle under a warm blankie tomorrow in my stitchy chair and work on Molly all day...hopefully....I do have to go grocery shopping though first.  LOL

I got some ornaments finished.  Let me first say I love Sharon at DaffyCat  :) And I love her designs, so I had to stitch up Believe that she offered up as a freebie on her blog.  So thank you Sharon...I love it....hmmmm do you hear the pitter pat of reindeer on your rooftop yet??  LOL

Believe - DaffyCat Designs - Stitched on Miracle Mint 28 ct lugana
Then there's this one from Fresh Threads Studio from the JCS 2010 ornie issue.  A little funky one to go with the one that I stitched from the preview issue.  LOVE IT!

Christmas Candy Sock hop - Fresh Threads Studio - Miracle Mint 28 ct lugana
So winter has arrived here in Calgary, Cold and Snowy.  UCK!  But Lulu is loving it.  It was cute, she was afraid of it the first morning we opened the door for her to go outside, she wouldn't go. So Hubby/dad had to get dressed at 5:45 am and go out into the backyard with her to show her that it was ok.  LOL I got it all on video...and it's priceless.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November already

Wasn't it just September?  October went by so fast I didn't even notice it. 

Haven't had a lot of time to stitch in the last couple of weeks.  I've been busy playing, teaching, fawning over and loving our new baby.  Lulu's growing so fast it's as if every morning she's changed, or grown or has become smarter and prettier.  LOL  Yep....I'm a mom!  We are sooo lucky with her.  She's a good pup.

Got some stitching done on Sunday though, worked on Molly.  I skipped last weekend, so I had a bit of time this weekend, I love working on her and it's hard to put her away for the week.  But that's ok, it gives me something to look forward to when Sunday comes along.  Can I just say that I love the face of this cat! 

I also finished stitching an ornament. I LOVE this.  It's from the JCS ornie preview issue, it's called Cool Christmas and it's by Fresh Threads Studio.  There's another one that I want to work on from the ornie issue by the same designer.  I have it all kitted up I just have to get to it.  Although I am doing a Canadian ornie exchange that I have to work on and get done this week as well.  So we'll see how much I get done on that before I do another project for my selfish self.

The weather here has been amazing!  It doesn't feel like November at all.  Not good for my hunting members of the family, they like at least a trace of snow to do some tracking while they are hunting, but it's not going to happen anytime this week at least.  So we'll see.  Hubby will be going away for a week this month sometime, he normally does it at the beginning of the month, but with the weather he's thinking that he might wait until the end of the month.  Either way works for me....give me plenty of stitching time.