Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Stash has arrived!

Still waiting for 1 more package but here they let's hope blogger will work

First is the lost stash that I forgot about. Kappie Designs Tall Sandwich, Sundae and Fruit Salad, as well as the big piece of jobelan.

Second is Dimensions - Chew Toy and Sunset - Calendar of Events. I got Chew Toy because the middle pup reminds me so much of my Missy girl and I've decided that when I stitch it, I'm only going to stitch the middle section with the chocolate pup for Missy. :) I miss her so much still!

Then lastly, The Stitching Studio's Mouth of the Flower and Family of Birds, I saw these and had to have them. So hopefully I'll have time to stitch them this year. Yeah, right! LOL

We watched Marley and Me last night! Oh my gosh!!! I cried and sobbed and had snot flying all over the place! I was a mess. I even woke up with such puffed eyes that I couldn't put on my mascara without smudging. So I ended up going without. Everyone that I talked to has cried during this movie, but I think that with me I was crying more for my loss of Missy, then Marley. Missy had the same problem in the end and it was devastating to me. Funny thing is I know that I'm ok with it, and am over the pain. But wow! That movie too me right back to that September 16th, 2007 My heart broke all over again. Hubby said that even cried in my sleep last night. When we finished watching it, he said we probably should have waited another 2 years still to watch it. LOL He's so cute!

I was so excited on Saturday! I have been in search of Lily of the Valley for a couple of years now and this last weekend at Costco I found some!!! A packet with 24 plants in them. So I am going to go out and start working on the soil this weekend, hopefully the snow will hold off until I'm able to do that and then I can get those in the ground and hopefully blooming! WOOOO HOOOOO!

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