Friday, April 17, 2009

Pics so far

So I thought that I would post the pictures of the finishes that I've had this year. All of them ornaments so far but not yet finished into ornaments. I really love the box ornament finishes, so I am definitely going to have to find something that I can finish that way. Mostly I jjust finish them as pillow ornaments and they seem to do just fine on the tree. We'll see. I am think that this year instead of getting the tradition "live" christmas tree as my craft tree, I might actually get hubby to build me a tall spindle tree. Now I think that, that would be an awesome site!

Oh and of the shopping spree that I went's the list. Eek!

Little House - Holly & Berries
Winter wonderland
Home of a Needleworker Too
Always and Forever (After seeing Kati's I had to get it)
Stitching Studio - Mouth of the Flower
Family of birds
Sunset - Calendar of Events
Dimensions - Chew Toy

UGH! How am I going to stitch all of that?? LOL Oh well I will love fondling them at any rate.

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katica said...

Well the good thing is that the LHN patterns are not all that big, so you should have no problem there - is the snowflakes one you got a LHN?? If it is I haven't seen that one yet, and it just may need to go on my wish list! I couldn't find the sunset calendar of events, but the other ones all look really great!! I especially like chew toy