Saturday, April 18, 2009

Have your tastes changed?

I know that when I first started stitching..many years ago.. I used to love stitching animals, any kind, any way, it was all about the animals. Then I moved on to flowers, and I have almost every single Silver Lining chart in my stash boxes. Until of course I stopped being obsessed by flowers. Then there were the ladies...mostly the Mirabilia queens (which I did stitch the 4 season queens, spring, summer, autumn, winter...all stitched, beaded and regal) but once I did those I kind of got tired of those as well. Now I don't know what I like, I absolutely hated the simple folksy kind of charts, now I find that I love them! And the quaker patterns, I'm starting to feel a pull towards those as well.

Designers that I use to favor have waned and faded too.

Now I'm not saying that I am giving up on the animals, and the flowers and the ladies, it's just that they aren't my taste of favorites anymore.

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