Thursday, April 23, 2009

Busy week

It's been a few days since my last post, we've been busy on the homefront, with the play-off games, (Calgary's still in it..YEAH!) and then Mom had physio on Wednesday. Tuesday we were at the airport picking up our visitor from Hungary, he's a cutie, but wow! Can he talk!!!!! I'm thinking earplugs would not be a bad investment! LOL Just kidding, although he is enthusiatic! He's 18...I guess we all were at that age. He'll be with us for a few months while he discovers and explores what Canada has to offer.

I've got quite a bit done on ROS! I'm switching to my ornie on Saturday, so tomorrow night I'll hopefully have one more night of good stitching on her and then it's ornie weekend. Which is fitting seeing as it SNOWED this week! But hopefully it will melt and soak into the ground and leave the grass gorgeous green.

I am watching and waiting for my new stash! Next week will feel like Christmas with all the packages that I'm waiting for.

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katica said...

pictures please! You can't just leave us hanging by saying you've made great progress and then not show us! :O)