Monday, June 8, 2009

SAL Update #2

Well yesterday was my 2nd Sunday of stitching on our SAL of HofN. I admittedly didn't get a lot of time to stitch yesterday. We went for a drive out to the country in the afternoon. The sun decided to come out after the fiasco of a weather day we had on Saturday, so we got in the truck and went for a look at campsites and some new fishing spots. So hopefully the weather will start acting as it should and we'll get to use the new trailer soon enough. But with that being said I didn't get many stitches into my project :( My goal was to get the word "needleworker" stitched, but as you can see......

I should have an update pic on my BC snapper ready for tomorrow as well. I figure once I work out and I shower I'll get a chance to finish up June's square and then maybe even get ROS back in the qsnaps.

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