Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tigger with Flakes

Design: Tigger with Flakes by Leisure Arts 32 ct Blue Spruce Lugana

LOL...oh I amuse myself! This one, just like Pooh, didn't have a title attached to it so I named it myself...somehow me thinks I will never have a career at Hallmark. He was a little tougher to stitch than Pooh. Lots of fractional stitches with his stripes...not my favorite things to stitch, but that's ok.

So I think that is now the last of my ornaments for this year. I will be stitching in December (I think) the new ornie from LHS...once I get it. But as far as ones for my tree this year...I'm done! Which means I start my finishing. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! It'll be a fun weekend. I'll be posting pics as I go :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I have a roof

Not much to show on my LHN SAL but it's something. I have the roof up on the house of this level of the stitching. I'm hoping that next Sunday I'll get the house done, but who knows what next week will bring.

We've got hubby's work Xmas party on Saturday night, then he might go out hunting Sunday and Monday again, before the season closes. But we'll see. I'm really hoping that I'll be going stash shopping this weekend too!!! ???

Tonight, I'll be watching The Biggest Loser, then Dancing with the stars finale, and hopefully finishing my little orange blob that will eventually become my tigger with flakes ornament. anyone else really sad that Jon & Kate + 8 is over?? I didn't think that I would be, but after last night, I'm kinda bummed!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pooh With flakes

I have no idea what the name of this ornament is. So I'm calling it Pooh with Flakes. It's out of the LA - Disney Home Pooh & Pals book with no there you go..gosh I'm so creative! NOT! LOL This is one of the two ornies that I will be stitching for my friend's two sons. In the next couple of days I'll hopefully be posting...wait for it....."Tigger with Flakes" LOL Whew, I'm clever!

Design:Pooh with Flakes by Leisure Arts, 32 ct Blue Spruce Lugana

Also just have to let you all know about a great giveaway. Erynne is celebrating her 2nd blogoversary and is giving away a generous prize!

Monday, November 16, 2009

What a difference a weekend makes

Went to work today and everything was roses and sunshine! I think everyone was just ready for the weekend...because all the barking and the biting has stopped. I hate it when we get updates on our software company, something always goes wonky, and then all hell breaks loose. The thing is we can only get as much fixed as the software company will fix at a yelling at those that are in contact with them is not helping! ARGH....nor is calling them every hour on the hour telling them that it's still not fixed yet...cause chances are...they already know...cause we do our jobs...and we tell them...just as we're supposed to! ARGH!! ok my rant is over...LOL Everything was fine and in working order today, so it was all good. When the boss is happy, everyone is happy. (for the time being...knock wood...cross fingers...dash of salt over the shoulder)

My progress on my SAL is here. I've finished the top row now. So next Sunday I start on the bottom row. I really love this piece.

Off to pull floss for a couple of ornaments now. woo hooo!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hunting Widow

Hubby left this morning in the weeeee hours of the morning on his hunting trip. This is a pilgrimage that he and my brother do for a week every year, to basically do the male bonding thing. Grunting, farting, burping, chest thumping "me beast" thing. I actually don't mind it....cause when he's gone I get to do the girlie things. Eat nice simple meals, watch a week of television without ever once stopping on a hockey game. Stitch and last but not least stretch out on the bed with all the pillows and fall to sleep in "fresh-air" You know what I mean by that...don't you ladies??? No stretching and farting ceremonies before sleep! LOL

I finished my November Twirls square on the BC snapper. One more month to go and then the border and it's done! I love how folky this looks.

I'm settling in with my Sunday SAL piece now for the afternoon, and later make a taco salad for supper. (Hubby hates tacos! LOL)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

SAL update time

Again I'm late with my update pics. I was just still revelling in the ROS finish. It's soooo nice not to have to work on it anymore! LOL It actually is quite a stunning piece though.

Here's my update on my Neighbourhood SAL. It's coming along. It's nice not to work in blocks of colours at the moment. I quite enjoyed stitching the girl and the tree.

Then I also finished stitching on the LHN ornie that we are stitching kind of as a whet you whistle to the monthly ornaments. I really liked this one. It's from the 2004 JCS ornie issue...Woodland snowfall.

Woodland Sampler, Designer Little House Needleworks

I've had a really crappy week at work, even though yesterday was a day off, it has turned into a big pile of poooo! Sometimes I question why I put up with it! ARGH! It's not even worth talking about....I'll get over it like I always do, but oh boy...when I'm in the throws of pissed-off-dom, I could burn the place down!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


The band is warming up....can you hear them....cause I'm about to do a dance!!!!!!
Rose of Sharon by personal project from hell is COMPLETE!!!!!

Design: Rose of Sharon
Designer: Mirabilia
Stitched on 28 Ct Solo by Silkweavers

Somebody get me some punch!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Can you taste it??

I am so close to a finish on ROS I can almost taste it! I feel like I am in a race with this piece and want to get it done before the weekend, so it can be over and done with! I know it's not a nice way to take about a piece of stitching, but I put it away once for a few months because I couldn't stand working on it anymore and took a break from it. I feel like I'm at the point with it again, but I'm ALMOST done!!!! I have to finish it so I can move on!

Thank you for listening to my little rant! LOL

Now I have to post this because Nina is having a Christmas giveaway. If you have never visited Nina's website then you are in for a feast for the eyes. She is a wonderful and creative cross-stitcher, but it doesn't stop there, her photography of her pieces are displayed like those you would find in a magazine, if not better. Go see if you don't believe me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

So frustrating!

My ROS is turning into the project that will never end! I have the dress all stitched now, and the hollyhocks that are on the right side of her, now I just have to finish the hollyhocks on the left side of her and she's done. I thought that I would be able to finish her off this weekend and have a happy dance with her, but it is taking way longer than I anticipated with all the colour changes. So soon enough I suppose, this week for sure and she'll be done. I would take a pic, but you know how sometimes you have your stitching at the exact perfect tension, in the exact perfect position to get a section of stitching done? Well that's where she's sitting right now, perfectly in my qsnaps.

I didn't work on the Neighborhood SAL at all yesterday, cause I thought that I would make a final push at ROS, so that sat untouched this week. I ended up not stitching yesterday anyway, had lots of running around to do and things to get done, so that by the time I sat down I was too tired to stitch, so I just vegged and watched tv.

One thing that I did do on the weekend though was joint the Little House Needlework Ornament of the month SAL!!!! I'm excited about that. So this coming year I won't have to ponder over what ornaments to stitch each month they will be auto delivered to me from Down Sunshine Lane I'm excited about that too.

So much to do still, stitchwise, before Christmas, or so much that I want to do anyway. I have two ornaments that I have to stitch for my friend's two sons. I stitch them an ornament every year, and I decided on the ones that I want to do this morning at 6 am while I was waiting for my coffee to brew. Plus I have all the ornies that I stitched this year to finish. I'll probably take a weekend soon and get those done.

hmmmmm I hear the pangs of Jingle bells in the back dark corners of my mind.
Do you think that might be a sign of mental illness?? LOL