Monday, November 2, 2009

So frustrating!

My ROS is turning into the project that will never end! I have the dress all stitched now, and the hollyhocks that are on the right side of her, now I just have to finish the hollyhocks on the left side of her and she's done. I thought that I would be able to finish her off this weekend and have a happy dance with her, but it is taking way longer than I anticipated with all the colour changes. So soon enough I suppose, this week for sure and she'll be done. I would take a pic, but you know how sometimes you have your stitching at the exact perfect tension, in the exact perfect position to get a section of stitching done? Well that's where she's sitting right now, perfectly in my qsnaps.

I didn't work on the Neighborhood SAL at all yesterday, cause I thought that I would make a final push at ROS, so that sat untouched this week. I ended up not stitching yesterday anyway, had lots of running around to do and things to get done, so that by the time I sat down I was too tired to stitch, so I just vegged and watched tv.

One thing that I did do on the weekend though was joint the Little House Needlework Ornament of the month SAL!!!! I'm excited about that. So this coming year I won't have to ponder over what ornaments to stitch each month they will be auto delivered to me from Down Sunshine Lane I'm excited about that too.

So much to do still, stitchwise, before Christmas, or so much that I want to do anyway. I have two ornaments that I have to stitch for my friend's two sons. I stitch them an ornament every year, and I decided on the ones that I want to do this morning at 6 am while I was waiting for my coffee to brew. Plus I have all the ornies that I stitched this year to finish. I'll probably take a weekend soon and get those done.

hmmmmm I hear the pangs of Jingle bells in the back dark corners of my mind.
Do you think that might be a sign of mental illness?? LOL

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katica said...

it's funny, I can't seem to get into the christmas spirit until sometime in December! Usually by that time its too late to sitch some sort of gift!

I love the new LHN ornament a month! I just may have to sign up for that one myself...