Sunday, August 30, 2009

We're back!

Oh it was wonderful!!!! I love camping! I never thought that I would, but I do, In fact, up until this year my idea of camping was getting a hotel room (a nice one mind you...not just any old hotel room would do) and taking little nature walks, or fishing by a lake and then going back to the hotel etc get my drift. But we got a trailer this year and I LOVEEEEEE it!!!!!! We were meant to actually leave on Monday or Tuesday of last week, but hubby had to work on Monday, so we decided that we would be leaving on Tuesday morning. Well as our luck always happens...not on purpose, but unlucky. Mom tripped and fell, landing on her hand and broke it! Yep. So we were at the doctor's and xrays and casting rooms on Tuesday. But all was well after the initial shock or it all and hubby and I managed to get all packed and leave on Wednesday. My brother and his wife were in and out of here checking on Mom so it was ok. We got back late Saturday, just so that we could start on the laundry and have a full day of normalcy before we headed back to work tomorrow ARGH!!! But I live for the fact that one week of work and then a long weekend...hehehehe! Not badly planned, if I do say so myself.

I got some stitching done while we were out there. Not much but I did manage to fit in a little bit. Spent a lot of time out on the boat instead, the weather was amazing, cooling down quite a bit at night, but still comfortable enough to enjoy the fire. So ROS for a little more of her gown on. I'm going to sit and work on my SAL tonight, and then hopefully get some updates for you tomorrow.

I decided to change the look of my blog again, as pretty as I thought the pink and black was, I wasn't all that crazy about it. So I'll live with this design called "Ice Princess" hmmmmm some would think that would befitting of me at times. LOL but I think it's pretty.

And with that I leave you with a lovely shot of the sky that was our backdrop on Wednesday night.


Jan said...

Barbi, love your new blog look! And so glad to hear you had such a grand camping experience. Hope your mom's hand heals quickly without any complications.

Deb said...

Glad to hear that you loved your camping experience! Your blog looks great and I love the sunset shot.

Meadows08 said...

Love your blog and glad to hear your mom is okay and that you had fun camping (not two I normally put together in the same sentence!)

Butterfly said...

I can read you blog YAHOO!!!
Hope your Mom is doing fine!!
We need to get together for some stitchen!!!!

Chrizette said...

Oh I love camping too!! And your stitching too :)