Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SAL update

I think this is update 3. I didn't get much done on it, but I got some, I'm hoping that I will get the little house completed next sunday, but it's all going to depend on what the weekend brings. We've both taken time off work next week, so we are planning on going camping for a few days, we just don't know if we're leaving on Sunday or on Monday. This Saturday night we are going to the theatre to see The Lion King. We are both so excited! It's our B-day gifts to one another. Mine's on the 24th and hubby's is on the 25th...so we always do a joint gift, and this is what we decided on. I have been waiting for years for this production to come thru Calgary and now that it's finally here, I can't wait!!! wooo hoooo

So anyway....I have finally put Rose of Sharon back in the qsnaps, and I'm hoping to get a good chunk of her done in the next couple of weeks. She'll be coming with me when we go camping, and there's nothing but time out there.

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Meadows08 said...

Hi there, I just found your blog yesterday. Lovely stitching! It's awesome to find other Canadian bloggers out there! Especially ones from my old home town. My hubby and I were in Calgary a couple weeks ago and I was able to get to Traditional Stitches for some stash enhancement. What a great place. Also, we saw The Lion King in Vegas in July, I'm sure you'll love it.