Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's official

We are all ready for our SAL starting on Sunday! And to mark the occasion, Helen has graciously made us a beautiful logo for our House of a Needleworker (too) which I have proudly posted on my sidebar :) I love it! Thank you very much Helen, you did a great job!!!

Didn't do any stitching at all last night, I meant too but I had to do this little chore and that little chore that by the time I got everything that I wanted done it was too late to pull everything out. So hopefully tonight I'll be able to put some more stitches into Always and Forever.

Next Wednesday is my little brother's (42!) birthday, so we're going to have the family over for a bbq on Sunday. Hopefully it'll be a nice day and we can eat outside. I LOVE eating outside! Don't know why, but I do. LOL

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helen said...

Oh, you two are too kind :))