Monday, April 25, 2011

Anyone seen my mojo?

...'cause I seem to have misplaced it.    No stitching at all last week at all.  Accept for a little bit of work on Elizabeth  LAST WEEK!  Which I didn't post, so I'm posting it now.  It doesn't look like much but if you look real close you can see that the word "birds" is stitched out and I've started on some of the grassy knoll.

How was everyone's Easter?  Ours was lovely.  We actually had deep fried turkey this year.  It was scumptious! We had never done it before so we did have a wonderful ham as backup.  I'm not much of a turkey fan, but this was certainly de-lish!

Hubby has gone out of town to work this week.  Leaving at 4 this morning. So I'm thinking I'm going to have lots of time to stitch this week.  I think I just have to settle into my chair with my stitching in lap and something good on tv and my mojo will find me again.

Here's hoping!!!


Raven/Missy said...

Elizabeth is coming along nicely and looks great so far!

I hope your mojo comes back soon, check the lint trap on your clothes dryer, mine likes to hide in there sometimes. It says something about it being warm and fuzzy. (LOL)

Carol said...

Elizabeth is looking great, Barbi! Glad to hear that you'll have some extra stitching time this coming week. I'll expect great progress on your next post :)

My brother-in-law always does a deep-fried turkey at Thanksgiving--quite tasty. I'm not a ham person--would prefer turkey any day! Glad yours turned out so well...

Patty C. said...

Elizabeth looks beautiful - Love it !!

Mr Lonely said...
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Ziggyeor said...

Oh dear well maybe take a nice walk outside and see if you can track it down. :)

Love the progress!