Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A bird in the hand....

I have been without a computer for 8 solid days!!!  I know that doesn't sound like a long time, but it is when you are one of those people that like to have their morning coffee with their emails, and browsing the stitching world, to see what's new with everyone.  And see what everyone can entice you into stitching.  Which Kati, by the way, has me salivating over her little bird on an egg.  Carol had it on her blog a little while ago too.  I have to get my hands on it.  :)  So yes now I am back, and I am 8 days behind on my blog reading!  EEKKK  I need a whole weekend to catch up and that's just what I am going to do.  Mind you I would have had plenty of time to do that this past weekend.  We had a snowstorm and well...the pic speaks for itself for a lovely April 2nd day.  It was funny actually, the forecasters on all the radio and news stations, were repeating that it wasn't an April fool's joke, when they were forecasting the weather for the weekend, that we were in for at least 20 cm of snow the following day.  I guess we were all hoping that it would be a joke, but it wasn't

I stitched on Elizabeth.  I didn't take a scan of it last Sunday cause I didn't have the computer, and I didn't even think to take of a picture of it last week, but here it is as of Sunday night for our Sunday SAL with Kati. Yes that bird is sitting in Liz's ghostly hand.

Sockeye is coming along, I am almost finished with the fish itself, and then I'll be working on the splash.  I think I'm going to start a small project though tonight, and have a little quick finish. then I'll start on the splash when that's done....I need a little happy dance.

Ort Report....

.....self explanitory.  LOL

And just to end the day....a pic of Lulu!  My gorgeous baby girl.  She's going in to have her spaying next Friday!


Robin said...

Your Birds in a Cage looks great (as does your other stitching) and now you have me curious about the Bird in the Nest with an egg. I want to see that one now.

I know what you mean about the computer. Yet another addition of mine. And it just like when the kids take your car....not that you were going to use it, but it is not there if you wanted to!

Hope your computer woos are behind you. Having connectivity issues myself right now - can you say frustrating?!

Rachel S said...

Lulu looks like a cuddly teddy bear! I love your WIP. Looks great!

Carol said...

I can't believe you survived 8 days without a computer, Barbi! I would be going crazy!

More snow--ugh! I hope it warms up soon for you. I just saw my first daffodil blooming in our yard today, so we are finally welcoming spring.

Love your progress pictures--Sockeye is so impressive on that black fabric.

And Lulu continues to look gorgeous--good luck with her spaying!

Michelle said...

Well done on your stitching - it looks great! Lulu is SO beautiful - she looks so cuddly and sweet - give her a big hug from me :) (Good luck with her spaying)

Dani - tkdchick said...

OMG no computer for 8 DAYS? I would of gone insane!

Wow Sockeye is amazing!

Spring has been a cruel joke so far this year!

Daffycat said...

Beautiful layers in your ORT jar!

Best wishes for Lulu.