Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Friday, 1st happy dance

Well good morning!!!

I have my first happy dance of the year!  YAY!  I actually finished it on Monday but I haven't had a chance to post this week.  Here it is.

It's Present Reindeer by Daffycat.  I Love love love Sharon's designs! She was so sweet this year and instead of me having to email her jumping up and down insisting that she send it to me immediately, she beat me to the punch and sent it over first.  I was thrilled,  just as I had clicked open my email program to send my request, it was already sitting there in my inbox!  So this one will be added to all the other wonderful DaffyCat designs on my tree.

I'll be having a stitchy weekend this weekend.  I signed up for the IHSW (International Hermit Stitching Weekend)  So that's what I plan to do.  I have another ornament all kitted up for this weekend.  And very very very exciting news.  We are starting our Sunday SAL this weekend with Kati and Linda.  Linda from Such Is Life is joining us this time around.  So Sunday the three of us will be sitting in our own cozy little stitching spots and starting Cornwall Cottage by Rosewood Manor.  This is such a gorgeous piece and I can't wait to start it.

Hubby will be out working on his pet project.  We bought a used Motorhome, that is a bit of a fixer-upper.  Hubby is a big fan of fixer-upper's, so this is his winter project...hoping to have it ready for the first long weekend in May.  So he'll be off doing his hobby and while he's out doing that...I will be at home enjoying my needle and threads.  In the evenings we have a bunch of movies lined up that we want to watch so we'll have cuddle time on the couch with a big bowl of something or another in front of us. I'm anticipating a wonderful weekend!

Wishing a very happy birthday to my friend Carol today! Hope you have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

That's the BEST kind of weekend. You do your thing .....he does his and everyone is happy! :-)

Love the little reindeer. Very cute.

Daffycat said...

Present reindeer looks fantastic! Nice finish!

LOL the first thing I did after tapping the publish button was to open my email and send her to you since I knew she was already on your wish list!

katica said...

Congrats on the happy dance!! It's so cute! I still need to stitch all these awesome deer up!

Looking forward to our Sal starting!!!

Linda said...

Well done on your first finish of the year - the reindeer is adorable.

Catherine said...

Such a cute finish!

Carol said...

Such a cute new finish, Barbi--and thank you for the birthday shout-out! I turned 60 and survived :)

Andrea said...

A wonderful finish.

Faith... said...

I love Daffycat's reindeers! Your's looks great.

I want to stitch them on a banner or of these days!

Michele said...

I love Sharon's reindeer too!