Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ort Report

It's New Moon and it's ort report time.  I haven't done a proper ort report in months, so I have lots in my little tub right now.  I don't even know which projects are in there because it's been so long, so I've taken a picture of it all by itself. 

Part 6 of Mary's sampler was released this morning, so I quickly stitched that up this morning.  A star and a shepherd added today. Looking forward to next Sunday's addition.

Hubby came home this afternoon, so there wasn't much stitching going on this afternoon.  Laundry, supper...some afternoon delight...wink-wink!

So tonight I will work a bit on Humboldt and see how far I get with that.

I have been perusing all my charts and have been drawn to the Prairie Schooler Santas as of late.  So many to choose from, so many to stitch, I want to do them all.  I know I won't but I would love too.  I would like to do at least a couple of them for my tree this we'll see how it goes...and better yet....which ones.  Any favourites??


Chris said...

Lovely orts and your Mary Sampler is looking great!!

Linda said...

Mary's Sampler is really pretty. I too, have all the PS Santa's and should stitch some of them.


Stress Less said...

Great progress. I've never stitched a PS Santa but I have one - I think it's the one from 1998 but not sure. I'm thinking I should start it too.