Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Knock, knock.....Who's there???


I know, I know...it's been since July that I have posted.  I cannot believe it...but you know what's even harder to believe than that?  I haven't stitched since then either until this past Sunday during the Emmy awards!  And it felt WONDERFUL!!! And what a way to bring it all back..with a finish..finally.  Suzannah is finished!  All four girls are done and we have had an amazing SAL every Sunday with these with Kati.  Now I know that she still has some to do to get to her finish, but in no time she will be done too.  We are going to carry on with our Sunday SAL's we are just working out the details as to what. 

So....here she is!  I am going to dig the rest of them out as well and take a pic, but I'm going to see if I can find some great frames for them too.  I know what I want...and I've send them long ago. I'm hoping to find them or something similiar and get them done.
Suzannah by Carriage House Samplings stitched on 32 count gold spinner/silkweaver

Then last night I sat down again and worked on our Monday SAL of the 6 Fatmen, and finished another Fat Man! woo hoo!  So must say after weeks of not stitching it was a successful two weeks. And got a really really good start on then next square too!

My ornaments have been sorely lacking, so I have to get a move on with those as well and set them up in the qsnaps and start working on them. I was planning on stitching the 12 days of christmas (Prairie Schooler's) one day a month, but I fell behind on that as well.  Plus I have yet to recieve my copy of JCS Xmas issue, so who knows what I want to work on out of that.  Soooo much to stitch not enough time!  But I will forge thru and get them done :)

Camping season is over!  Whew!  Although the weather is actually still nice enough to do some more, but you never know here when winter or a cold blast is going to sneak up on you, so we thought it best to put the campfire out for the season and start cleaning out and winterizing the trailer.  Sad...cause we had an amazing summer, travelling to BC for 3 weekends out of the summer, and then going to our favorite spot by the lake most of them time, and also even went up to the mountains for one weekend....lovely, lovely country we live in and explored.  With family some weekends...with friends others....and a few times even just me and the hubby! (I'm not going to lie...those are some of my favorite times camping..looking up at the night sky, unobstucted by buildings and street lights...just holding hands and listening to the crackling of the fire)  mmmm mmmm I love my hubby!

Did lots of reading while camping too....read the Hunger Games series.  Very good!!! 
Flipped thru magazines..tried new recipes...all on the grill.  Some were great!  Other's got thrown into the fireplace and we pulled out the wieners instead!  LOL  But hey..it was great!  I think we were home for 1 weekend and that was only because hubby had to work that weekend. 

I've missed hermitting, I haven't contributed anything to my TUSAL either...I have lots and lots to make for!

So my house...needless to say is a disaster! So what do I do instead of breaking out the Swiffer duster....and the Dyson vac....I stitch!  Now.... do I have my priorites straight...agree or disagree??  LOL


katica said...

welcome back to blogging! we've missed you! but it sounds like you had a fantastic summer!

I think your priorities are perfectly in order! Stitching always comes first if I can help it!

Congrats on the finish on Suzannah! I'm still plugging away, but I think that it will go faster now that my flower is done too...

And your 6 fat men look great!

Catherine said...

Sounds like a fantastic summer to me!!! Love your stitches - priorities are definitely in the right order!

Edie said...

YAHOO!!! You're back, I thought I was going to have to send out the search party for you!!!! Great post!!

Chris said...

Welcome back! It sounds like you had an amazing summer. Your stitching is beautiful. I love our finish and the fat men are looking great!

Carol said...

Glad you're back in the stitching groove, Barbi--we've missed you! Congratulations on your newest finish and on your Fat Men progress--it's looking so cute on that blue fabric.

Sounds like a most enjoyable and relaxing summer :)

Daffycat said...

Hello! Wait, who are you? Do I know you? LOL You were missed, although I tend not to worry about my blog friends during the summer busy time, or during the holiday season!

Suzie looks AWESOME! Congratulations on finishing all the girls. You did so well keeping up with your SAL! Good job!

Deb said...

Sounds like you had a great summer - and I know that it's hard keeping up with blogging. Suzannah looks wonderful as do the 6 Fatmen!

valerie said...

Congratulations on your finishes! They are looking great! Glad to see you back. I am struggling to keep up with blogging and stitching too.

Dani - tkdchick said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic summer!

What a great finish! Glad to read you're back to stitching!

Linda said...

Priotities definitely right! Well done on completing Suzannah. Not much more to do on the Fat Man either - are you going to stitch the belles?