Monday, April 16, 2012

Suzannah and Sergei

Well I figured out what to do with the violet mist fabric that I couldn't use for my snowmen piece!  I am using it on Plum Street Samplers Sergei!!!  Oh yes I am and I love it!  I think he looks smashing on it.  There's an accompanying piece that I have that goes with it too, that will be my next project after Sergei.  YEAH!!  I think it worked out better this way. 

I did some work on Suzannah yesterday as well.  Got lots of stitching done, well what felt like lots of stitching anyway! Doesn't look too much like I did, but as I was talking with Kati last night we both agreed that the apron is very deceiving!  As of last night when we last chatted we both got it done...and I've started on the massive skirt as well. So next Sunday hopefully will prove to be just as fruitful.

With hockey playoffs in full swing, there is plenty of stitching to be done!  Weeeeeee!!!!!!!  I also signed up for this weekends International Hermits Stitching Weekend (IHSW)  You can check out all the information if you want to join us by clicking on to icon on my sidebar.

Tonight is 6 fatmen stitching night, so I'll be settling in with that after supper.


Daffycat said...

Ooo, AWESOME start on Sergei! This looks great. Your Suzannah looks lovely too with her little alphabet apron!

Edo said...

very pretty Barbi!!!

katica said...

excellent progress on both Sergei and Suzannah! I'm so behind with Suzannah!

I've got Sergei in my stash as well as Olga and Boris and I want to stitch them all together (well at least all on the same fabric)

Looking forward to the snowmen tonight!!!

Linda said...

Both look great Barbi. I need to start Suzannah.


Ziggyeor said...

Oh I like the new start. Good work on Suzannah.
I'm watching the playoffs too though I want to kick my team in the butt :p
I wish I could hermit and stitch all weekend but Friday I have a class but Saturday is my stitching night with my friends.

Barb said...

Hi Barbi
Oh I do like Susannah with her hand on her hip! Her apron is a treat and love Sergei on the lilac. Very different.
Elizabeth is now up on both feet again , dh made a comment last week about Elizabeth being flat on her back in the lounge due to having both feet and her leg missing. So I thought I had better put that to rights. Oh these girls cause so much hilarity lol.See you next week for a progress report.