Monday, March 26, 2012

Two hands, a head and some hair

Finally she has a head!  Poor thing!  And isn't it a lovely face? LOL  I started stitching in the hair and got her curlie q's in.  Too cute.  Such a strange girl dear Suzannah is, but I love her and I love stitching her. :)

I got my first easter stitch in as well.  This is Easter bunny it's a freebie from 2011 from By the Bay Needlearts.  You can find the freebie here on her Feb 26, 2012 post.

Easter Bunny by By the Bay Needlearts - stitched on 28 ct Mint green Lugana

Have a couple of other Easter stitches I want to stitch up this week too, but not going to have too much time.  Have plans on both Tuesday and Thursday.  Tuesday we're going with the girls for dinner and a movie...going to see Hunger Games.  And then on Thursday we're going to a meeting to see if we get drawn for a seasonal campsite this year!  WOO HOO!  So perhaps Wednesday.


Carol said...

It's about time you gave that poor girl a head, Barbi :) Ha ha!! She is looking much happier now--in her own strange way!

Love your little bunny--sure wish I had those long eyelashes...

Good luck with the campsite draw--sure hope it works out for you...

Ziggyeor said...

Yeah, always nice when the people get their head.

The bunny is darling.

Have fun today! Hubs and I saw The Hunger Games on Friday. I enjoyed it and hadn't read the books yet. Hubs did read them and thinks there were some stuff that was left out. I decided not to be angry at the movie so I'll read the book afterwards.

Barb said...

Hi my girlie friend, OH she is looking so much nicer with a head. I have a headless Elizabeth but she does have a dress and one leg and shoe! I am not looking forward to the "white face".
Your bunny is a cutie , good luck with the draw.

Daffycat said...

Yay ~ Suze looks great with a head and she even has hands too!

I love Donna's Easter Bunny freebie. Those long eyelashes are too sweet.

Pumpkin said...

Great progress on Suzannah!

I've always loved this freebie and keep forgetting that I have it. Lovely finish :o) Do you know how you're going to finish-finish it?

Anonymous said...


Your Suzannah looks great!

Good luck with the camp site draw!

happy stitching.