Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spirit of the Sockeye ...and other stuff

Here she is!  Isn't she lovely!  Oh my gosh, this picture and no picture that I could ever take will do this piece justice!  It is shockingly beautiful in person...and I'm so proud to say that sockeye is finally finished.  I got some stitching time in this past weekend and finished it up.  I love it!

Spirit of the Sockeye - Stitching Studio - 28 count Black Lugana

I also had a good day of stitching on Sunday and worked on my SAL piece with Kati!  Elizabeth is coming along.  I think I'll actually be starting the stitches on Liz soon, but I want to do the bird's nest first.  Hubby and I are going camping this long weekend, so hopefully while he's fishing out on the boat I'll be able to stitch on Sunday out in the sun :)  Sounds like a nice plan.

My Tusal is not as pathetic as it was last month.  Thank you very much!  LOL

We have had the most amazing summer, with trips and camping.  I'll fill you all in soon with loads of pics.  We took full advantage of the freedoms we have in our lives and just did summer!  LOL


butterfly said...

love your bird stitch.

Carol said...

Amazing finish, Barbi--it really pops on that black fabric! Congratulations!! How will you frame it?

Have fun with your camping weekend--hope the weather cooperates :)

Barb said...

Hi Barb I just found your blog. I remember you from Cyberstitchers so glad I found your blog. Your bird piece is nice. I enjoyed your blog and will come back.

Deb said...

Your Sockeye piece is just truly amazing! I can't even find words to describe it! It's really something to look at. And your other piece is just as beautiful. The colors look so wonderful on that piece of fabric.

Bec said...

Sockeye is beautiful.
Such detail! can't seem to find the right words to decribe how wonderful she is!

Your birds piece is lovely. :)

Have fun on your camping trip!

katica said...

Congratulations on your finish! Your sockeye turned out absolutley beautiful!!! I just love it!

Love your progress on Elizabeth, I'm trying to keep up to you!! and you made excellent progress on your tusal too!!

Hope you are having a fantastic time camping!