Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Liz update

Wow I had to do a round about way of making a post today.  Blogger is having a bit of a fart these last couple of weeks!  But that's ok, I got here! wooo hoooo   HELLOOOOOO Blogger friends!  Nice to see you!  LOL   Well I hope that everyone had a good week.  I am 7 pounds lighter thanks to 3 days of an incessant stomach bug that found me sitting on the toilet and patting instead of wiping by the 2nd day...ouch!  Mind you as lovely as that 7 pounds is, I know that in a matter of a couple of days it will be right back on.  ARGH!  and then I've decided that I have to do something about it for real, and get me fat butt in gear and start walking and treadmilling and biking and swimming and all that other fun stuff I like to avoid.  ICK!  Oh well.

So I worked a little on sockey but it's so perfectly tensioned in the qsnaps that I don't want to take it out at the moment, so I will update it next week instead of this week. 

I did work on Liz on Sunday for our SAL with Kati. It's funny how a chart tends to take you in a certain direction, and for some reason this on is having me finish the bottom first.  I just kept right on going with it.  So I let it take me where it wanted, then I'll work up the side.  I think I'm actually going to save her for last and stitch Elizabeth in once everything else is done.  Keeps it interesting right to the very end.  But then again we'll see.

So we're very excited on the home front, we have booked our campsite for the 1st weekend of June!  YEAH!  First camping trip of the year.  Hopefully we'll have good weather for it.  I hate to book so far in advance and then find out that it's going to by rainy and crappy all weekend, but I am crossing my fingers that it will be good.  My brother bought a trailer this past month so they'll be joining us too, it's his birhtday weekend that weekend, so it should be a good time.  I LOVE CAMPFIRES!  And just sitting by the water and watching the world go by!  With stitching and a good book close by. 

This weekend we're going to see Cavalia!  Another exciting event that we have been waiting for and it's finally here.  So I'm excited about that.  It looks like an amazing show! 


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Try wet wipes. That's all I have to say!

Blogger is messing me about too. I can finally get in my dashboard but can't follow any new blogs - do you think it's trying to tell me something?

katica said...

you poor thing! I hope you are feeling better!

Great progress on Liz... I didn't get any stitching done this weekend but we weren't home so not really a big surprise there! I'll have to try and catch up somehow next weekend!

Whoo hoo about camping! Sitting next the fire is great... it was one of my favourite things when we were at camp too...