Saturday, March 5, 2011

The ORT report & Update

See I told you I would steal your title!  LOL  I love that!  And here's my ort jar with this last month's contribution.

Also here's an update on Sockeye.  I thought I would be finished the head of it this week, but I didn't get it done.  Oh well, it will be done for sure this coming week.  This weekend I'm working on LHN's Cardinal Winter, which I am finding I am calling Tweet in my head rather than the original title.

I did some stash shopping!!!  I couldn't help it!  I broke down!  Darn Nashville Market!  So I'm sure that the packages (yes plural) should be arriving in the mail this coming week as well.

I went and bought all the floss that I needed for Elizabeth, that Kati and I will be starting in our Sunday SAL, starting the 13th. I noticed that she uploaded the new pic on her sidebar so I snagged it for mine as well (Thanks K!)  I found the perfect frames for them at Michael's today too!  I was almost tempted to buy them so that I would have them but I maintain some self control and withheld!  Not without much contemplation first!


katica said...

nice orts, and great progress on the sockeye, its absolutely stunning!

I'm probably going tomorrow to get the threads I need so we can get started next week. I'm pushing the Mirabilia right now since my nieces's birthday is in a couple of weeks and I want to get it done in time for her.

katica said...

Forgot to add, what stash did you get and from where?? I just got a nice order from Janice at Traditional Stitches, but I'm sure I could fill a cart again easily! I already have a bunch just sitting there at Bobbie's!

Aury said...

Great Jar, but I love your Sockeye piece!!!


Anonymous said...

The jar looks great with all those orts!

Self-control --- what's THAT all about? When it comes to stitching stashing, I'm full-speed ahead!

Measi said...

Your ort jar is looking lovely! I can't wait to see what you bought from Nashville.

Daffycat said...

Why, you little thief! ROFL I only wish I could always come up with clever post titles.

A lovely TU update!

Blu said...

Sockeye looks spectacular! The colours look incredible on black.