Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lovely Fall

We are having such a lovely fall.  The leaves are turning colours.  A lot of the time they freeze and all fall off at once, or else it's too cold outside to enjoy the changing of the colour gaurd.  But this year the weather has been beautiful.  Wonderful sunny days, a little on the cool side some days but that's ok, that's how it's supposed to be  :)  I took pictures of some of the last remaining flowers that are blooming and this lone daisy struck me as being so beautiful.  I had to take a picture of it...I think he loves me  :) 

I got lots of stitching done on Sunday.  Hubby had to wake up at 5:30 and go to work, I got up with him...and once he left, instead of going to bed, I did my stroll thru your blogs, and then sat down and stitched.  It feels like I got lots done on it anyway....and really there is, it's just a block of colour...so it doesn't look like much progress.

I'm almost done another ornament I didn't get it finished for this post, so hopefully I'll be posting again tomorrow with a finish.  wooo hooo

Here's my TUSAL.  A few days late, but that's become the norm with me.  The ornaments added a little bit more colour to the jar this time around.


Tonya said...

It is coming along!!! Keep up the good work!!! Love the daisy!

Carol said...

Glad your fall has been so beautiful, Barbi. Our leaves aren't their most colorful due to our hot, dry summer, but there are a few beauties scattered about.

Molly is really coming along well--I'm always amazed at how long it takes to stitch a little square inch of color, aren't you!