Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter's coming!

I love Easter,  I love Easter almost as much as I love Christmas, I just don't decorate for year I might have an Easter tree!  LOL I love the food and the baking and the CHOCOLATES!!!  Has anyone tried these new Aero Eggs? Oh my WORD!!!!  This was a brilliant invention!  And only 120 calories!  Brilliant I say, just brilliant. 

And now because it's Easter, let me post a picture of another tiny Christmas ornie...or one that will be an ornie.  LOL  (it doesn't really have anything to do with Easter, I'm just stressing the irony)

LHN - Snowy Pines, stitched on Platinum 28 ct Luganan, over 1

Still waiting for my charts and fabbie, on Molly. ARGH, I am not a patient waiter AT ALL!   But I will wait some more.  So today I think that I am going to start BOAF's Bitter Flower Sampler.  I love this design, so now I'm going to do it for my future sampler wall.


Carol said...

So cute, Barbi--I just love this series stitched "over one." I've only done Fa-La-La so far, but some day I'd love to do them all :)

Happy Easter to you and your family and don't eat too many of those Aero eggs!!

Michelle said...

Hope your parcel arrives soon - I also hate waiting for things to arrive.