Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A SAL update

At little late but still better than scanner was acting weird yesterday saying that another program was using it or something stupid like that. So I just left it and it's working fine today. Finally got a Sunday that I could sit and stitch on the poor thing. I really love this project and it was nice stitching it again. I was hoping to be able to finish the house, but alas, come next Sunday the house will be completed.

We had an exciting day today, hubby and I went to the travel agent and book our all inclusive to the Mayan Riviera! Thank you very much!!! I'm so excited. We're going for 1 week, from Feb 20-27!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Meadows08 said...

Your LHN is looking great! You'll love the Mayan. The water is so warm and the sand is like walking in sugar!

Michelle said...

Wow, great progress on your Neighbourhood SAL.

I don't know the Mayan Riviera so I checked it online and it looks amazing - lucky you!

Carol said...

This is one of my favorite LHN pieces, Barbi--I love the colors in it.

Had to google the Mayan Riviera--I had never heard of it... Wow--you'll have a wonderful time and that is such a good time of year to get out of the freezing temperatures :)

Márti said...

LHN is very beautiful, I love it!

The travel plan is wonderful!

Daffycat said...

Lovely progress, Barbi!