Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ort report, dances and SAL

So here we are again, it's ort report time again!  I can't believe how the months are already racing by this year.  Did February go by in a blink of an eye and already we're sitting in the middle of March?  I can't believe that I'm leaving for Mexico next week Friday already!!!  aaarrrriiiiibbbaaaa!!!  I have everything that I need to go now, I just want to go and buy a couple of new bras!  ARGH!  I hate bra shopping!  Oh well.  has to be done.

I was walking in my front door today and caught a glimpse of some tulips poking thru the ground!  On further inspection there is a whole spread of them popping up.  The parts that are snowcovered are still a mystery, but where the sun has melted it away there are their brave little tips poking out to greet the world.  I just love them, my only hope is that they weren't too eager and freeze.

I was inspired to do some Easter stitching this pas week.

First is my 2013 verion of Bunny Bums...last year I stitched them in pink, this year I went with the green.  Lovely little cottontails...aren't they?  It's a freebie from somewhere on the internet and I don't have the new link, the one that I have on the actual chart that I downloaded, no longer works. Sorry :(

The second one is the Easter Bunny from Prairie schooler.  Also a freebie that can be found here.  love him!

My third offering is me Sunday SAL piece Humboldt Coast that I normally do with Kati, but Kati is off on a wonderful holiday for the next month so I have a subsitute Sunday partner Edit, please do visit her blog, she loves company :)

And last but certainly not least my ort report, along with all the projects that contributed to my little collection this month.


Linda said...

Great progress on all your pieces. I love Humboldt Coast.


Ziggyeor said...

oh great progress, enjoy your trip. This seems to be the month to go on vacations!

AnaCristina said...

Hi Barbi!
My TUSAL jar for march is here:

january, february and march

and the Bunny Bums chart is here:


Barb said...

The little bunny charts remind me of spring!!! I have never stitched on black. Yours looks great!

katica said...

Excellent progress!! Love your bunnies and your progress on humbolt cost!! Vacation is going great!! Miss you guys though!!

Carol said...

You are so lucky to be escaping the cold and wind next week, Barbi!! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time--be sure to take lots of photos...

Your little bunnis are adorable--love anything stitched on black!

Anne said...

Well have fun in sunny Mexico!! You will be all warm and cozy there...ah just thinking of warmth now makes me think I need to go! Lovely stitching on all your WIP's. I adore that little freebie of the bunny bums! The PS bunny is adorable too! Thanks for the link!

dixiesamplar said...

Wonderful stitching, Barbi!

ricketyjo said...

lovely stitching, I particularly like the bunny bottoms!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Enjoy Mexico! Have a Cerveza for me!!!

Those bunny bums are so cute!!!! Humbolt is coming along so nicely!