Monday, February 4, 2013

A good stitchy week!

Two finishes and a good chunk of the blue study done (white has been added to the study).  I would love to pick up Humboldt again tonight, but I won't.  I will be a good SAL partner and lay it to rest.  Which is still ok because I only have one day left to stitch in the 12 days of xmas!  yeah!  So they will definitely make it on my tree this year!
 10 Lords a Leaping - Prairie Schooler
11 Pipers Piping - Prairie Schooler 

Humboldt Coast -Silver lining WIP - SAL with Kati

The stomach flu is running rampant thru our clinic right now.  2 staff down last week, and 3 called in today!  In all this...knock wood....I feel fantastic!!!  In fact this past winter season I haven't even had as much as a sniffle!  Now I know with that I have just jinxed myself and I'll be deathly ill by the end of the week, but that's ok....I deserve a day off now and then too.  LOL

So tonight I settle in with my stitching and some good tv. 


Edie said...

WOW! Amazing, speedy! :D

Ziggyeor said...

Oh the ornaments are cute. Good progress on Humboldt!

Anne said...

I love PS's 12 days of Christmas! Making some great progress and I'm sure you will have them done for Christmas! Let's hope you keep that sickness at bay!

blue star stitcher said...

Cute Prairie Schoolers. The bug has hit our office too, and at home we have fought it off twice so far.

Chris said...

I hope that the stomach bug bypasses you and you continue to feel fantastic.
Beautiful stitching progess!

Anonymous said...

Hello Barbi

Your ornaments look lovely!
Humboldt looks great too!

Caitlin Jordan said...

Gorgeous stitching :D

Carol said...

Yay--you're almost done with 12 Days, Barbi--10 and 11 look so cute.

Ugh--nothing worse than the stomach flu! I'm sure hoping I can avoid it, too--wash those hands every chance you get :)

valerie said...

Great ornies! ANd I just love seeing your Humboldt Coast SAL progress. Wonderful that you are feeling good. I am on my second cold. So annoying!