Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Sunday SAL

So Kati and I have been Stitching A Longing for I think a couple of years now.  Every Sunday it's our way of stitching together.  As you know we did the girls by CHS. and loved doing them.  So now that those were done we have decided to work on something a little different, but something that we have both been wanting to work on for years now.  So we decided on Humboldt Coast by Silver Lining!  wooo hoooo 

After pulling out a bunch of fabrics, and purchasing more than I should have to see what I wanted to stitch it on...I couldn't decide whether I wanted it to be a stormy day, or a blue skied day...I finally decided on a dawn or dusky time of day, with some blues and whites and hints of purple.  The fabric that I chose is an older piece of fabric that I had called Romance by Silkweavers.  It's a pretty piece of fabric, so now I have a whole assortment of blues and greys that I can use for future projects!  LOL

Any how!  Here's my progress after the first Sunday night of stitching.  Love my little bluey greeny blob! 

hmmm it looks like blogger changed my uploading picture thingy, so I had to go thru another way to get this up..a bit inconvenient, but oh well, I got it :)

So tonight I am going to work on and hopefully finished 9 ladies dancing. I want to get those 12 days done and then I'll think of something to stitch up on my other days other than Sunday.  I know there are a bunch of ornaments that I wanted to stitch last year and didn't get to, and I have Mirabilia's Elizabeth, all kitted up so maybe I'll throw in the qsnaps after the PS ornaments.


katica said...

Great start! Very pretty fabric!! Is it 28 or 32 count?

Penny said...

Pretty colors! :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ooh its not often you find people stitching SL designs too often these days. What count are you stitching it on? Most of Marc's designs look much better stitched on a high count or over one.

Ziggyeor said...

Oh wow that's a big project. I had to scroll to find your Lizzie Kate project because I had dipped off the earth in Sept and missed the finish. I'll have Sunday's and Wednesday's off so I need to find me a bloggy stitchy buddy I'd like to do a SAL and not just a totally useless one.