Monday, January 16, 2012

Overdue Mary Margaret update

I've stitched on MM for two Sundays now and this is the first time that I have been able to sit down and actually take some time to write.  She's coming along nicely and I think that a finish is on the horizon, not this month but definitely in February!  I know that Kati is going to be finished before I am, but I'll get there too.

The time just gets away from me, I wanted to started to H & F this past couple of weeks, but I hadn't gotten that far.  Tonight though I have the first few stitches in it, and it's going to be gorgeous...I HOPE!  Considering I'm stitching this for someone else.  There always seems to be a little more pressure on you when you are stitching it for someone else, for it to be perfect.  It will be what it will be.  :)

We are starting to purge some our of stuff/crap.  We have decided to go room by room and gut everything out of the closets and dressers and just get rid of stuff. So it's a chore and for me an inner struggle cause I want to keep everything, but I know that it's ridiculous to do so.  So we're plugging along on that as well. eeekkkk!!!!!

I have signed up again for IHSW for this coming weekend and although I've got some plans for Saturday I'm hoping to get some good stitching in around that.


katica said...

you've made some great progess on Mary Margaret! It looks like you skipped out the over one stitching in the tree too, did you or can I just not see it?

I'm looking forward to seeing your hummingbird progress too! Hopefully you will get that one finished up fairly quickly so you can stitch for yourself again!

Ziggyeor said...

OH love the progress! I love this series too, keep telling myself no new patterns!
Good luck with the purging. I'll need to go through and do that as well. I've got a lot of stuff in this room :p

Carol said...

Nice progress, Barbi--she is looking very cute :)

My husband would love it if we did the room by room cleaning of closets and cupboards. (Not to mention two attics!!) I just always think "well, I might need that some day!!" Good luck--maybe you'll inspire me to get going :)

Ranae said...

Mary is looking good.
I started Molly for my New years day start. I hate all the solid stitchng on the bottom half

Gabi said...

Mary Margaret is just gorgeous. Love her.
Going to stitch the girls too

Daffycat said...

Mary Margaret has a TREE! This looks fabulous, Barbi!

I really, REALLY need a good purge! My basement looks like a disaster area and the closets/drawers/cabinets are hopelessly stuffed. Wanna come help when you are thru with yours?

Joysze said...

MM looks awesome! You're getting so close, Barbi. :D

I have to do a make up lesson and the dinner date with some friends on Saturday too, but hopefully nothing else but stitch the rest of the weekend.

Happy hermitting!!

Patty C. said...

Great Progress ;)

Michelle said...

Great progress on Mary Margaret!