Monday, October 31, 2011

A start, A finish and A sweater

So had a great week of stitching.  Lots going on on the home front too.  Bought new bedroom furniture, so that means that cleaning out the old furniture, cleaning the nooks and crannies and places that you don't normally clean until the room is empty or furniture is moved.  So there was dusting and vacuuming and carpet cleaning going on.  EEK!  Lot's of decluttering too.  Deciding what to keep out and what to put away and get rid off.  But it will all be good...soon...I hope! 

But in the mean time I did get an ornie finished. One of my favorites from the JCS ornie issue this year.  You can't tell from the scan but the red and the silver dots are shiny with Kreinek thread, and it's soooo pretty in person.

Christmas Tree Cat by Brittercup Designs from JCS 2011 Ornie Issue

I also started a new project...thanks to Dani for letting me borrow this, as I searched high and low for this chart and it turns out it was OOP...Dani has it beautifully pictured in her banner on her blog.  It's MacDonald's Maple Leaf and the colours are amazing on this project!!!  I love how it's coming along, and can't wait to get at it again.

Then on Sunday is our SAL with Kati!  Very excited about Mary Margaret!  And I finished her sweater so on to other things next Sunday.  (Oh Ick!  I didn't see that streak from the scan!!! too lazy to rescan)

Tomorrow is the start of the Christmas Ornament Challenge that Becky has started.  So all the ornaments that I stitch from now until December 31st are going to be posted there as well.  I'm happy about that :)  I love my ornies!!!!


Bec said...

I love the Christmas kitty! Looks fantastic :)

Great starts to your new projects.Can't wait to see more

Vonna said...

Oh that darling Christmas him! And I love your start too! GORGEOUS!

katica said...

all of them are great! Love your kitty, you have made great progress already on your new start, and you are right the colours so far are beautiful!

Love your progress on Mary Margaret too! she is a fun stitch!

Carol said...

Such a darling kitty--really cute with the metallic threads, Barbi :)

Looking forward to seeing your ornaments in the Christmas Ornament Challenge, too!