Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shameless request!!

EDIT***  Apparently they only accept Canadian votes ***
Thanks for trying anyway :)

I just found out about a contest, that I've entered Lulu's photos.  But she needs votes and of course, I can't vote!  EEEKKKK!!!!  So I'm asking you all if you have a split second to vote to see if Miss Lulu if she has a shot.  I found out about the contest late :() So the other pups have a huge headstart on her. But it will be fun to see where she ends up.  The links are under her photos.  Vote for your favorite or vote for all of them.  but please vote! 
And Yes...that's why I named this post Shameless request....because I know that it is.

Thanks guys!!!


Ziggyeor said...

I went to vote and it wanted me to register and apparently you have to be Canadian! Sorry.

Rapunzel said...

what a beautyful little dog.
he is sooooo sweet :-))