Monday, January 31, 2011

Sockeye's got it's groove back!

So I put it out of my head that those 1/4 stitches and the black on black were going to kill me, and I just sat and started stitching.  And it all came together.  I love how this is going to look. The colours are amazing and it's really going to be a stunning piece when it's finished.  So I'm looking forward to this week of stitching.  I was planning on getting more done than I did last week because Hubby and Baby Bro were supposed to go ice fishing this weekend, but the weather turned bad on Friday. We had snow fall warnings and blowing snows on the highways, so they decided that they would go this coming weekend instead, as the weather is supposed to get better again.  So we'll see how things turn out there. So Hubby and I spent time together watching movies and cuddling all weekend.  It was nice.

Only got a couple of hours on in Molly on Sunday, but it's coming along. I'm already thinking of the next girl, and I'm kind of leaning towards Elizabeth, if Kati thinks that's ok.  What do you think Kati? Yes? I want to get at the wild hair.  LOL

New moon coming this week, so I have to get working on filling my ort jar!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Molly's cat. LOL

Good luck with this weekend's stitching.

katica said...

Gee I thought I made good progress on my stitching this week, you've left me in the dust! LOL!!!

Awesome progress on the Sockeye, it looks beautiful!!! And Molly well what can I say! Fantastic!

Elizabeth sounds great! Love that wild hair!

Carol said...

I just love pieces stitched on black and your Sockeye is amazing, Barbi! Molly is almost done--yay! I do love her spotted cat :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oh Barbi! That salmon is going to be just amazing when its done! It'll be worth the effort for sure!

Melissa said...

That salmon will be stunning! My eyes couldn't take that stitching though! You're a braver soul than me (or just have better eyes)!

Molly is looking great. I sense a Happy Dance coming!

Daffycat said...

It's so nice when the mojo flows freely!!! Holy crows you stitched a lot. It looks great, Barbi!