Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Molly, Birds & TUSAL

Lots to share today....well maybe not that much, but everything seems like an effort this week.  I have a COLD!!  And it's one of those ones that is achey, sneezing, stuffy-head, you CAN'T rest colds.  Mind you Nyquil does seem to do the trick, but it's not going away.  Boy have you ever tried Nyquil? Sleep like a baby!!!  I'm going to miss it when my cold's gone.  LOL

So I got a little bit of stitching time last week during the week but not as much as I would have liked.  There always seemed to be something that had to be done in the evening so I really didn't get a chance to work on The Song They Sang until here's my meezly progress on that.

And then there's Molly.  Got lots done on her, or at least it felt like I stitched lots.  Do you ever get that?  You feel like you've got lots of stitching done and when you look at it at the end of the day, there doesn't look like there's much progress, and yet you know you've been working at it for hours.  Well that's kind of what it was like this Sunday on Molly. 

Then I have my TUSAL update.  That little stitching girl next to the jar is one of the porcelain treasures that I picked up from my trip to Hungary.  I saw her and fell in love....and had to have her, so fitting, don't you think?

I received the JCS Christmas ornament issue in the mail today!  YEAH!!!!  So I'm going to sit down now with a nice steaming cup of tea with honey, and I'm going to browse thru it for the 1st of what will surely be 50 times.  LOL


Meadows08 said...

Molly has arms!!! I can hardly wait to get the JSC issue. It's my favourite!

Andrea said...

Sorry you're feeling bad! My family has been passing around a cold bug for weeks! Urgh, no fun at all!

Love your progress on The Song They Sang! That's one of my favorites! And Molly is looking good, I really want to stitch her someday!

That little figurine is so pretty and perfect for you!


Gillion said...

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Daffycat said...

Oh, poor Barbi! I hope you are feeling better soon, dear!

valerie said...

Great progress on Molly! Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell. Hope you feel better soon!

I love your figurine! Are there any details as to who the manufacturer is? It's a lovely piece for your home!

Blu said...

Lovely stitching on your WIPs. The figurine is very pretty!

Dee said...

Your little stitching lady IS perfect! She has such a sweet face.

Hope you are feeling better soon. Nyquil is pretty good stuff!

I worked and worked on my Shepherd's Bush piece and when I counted up what I had done --- it didn't amount to much. LOL But, I was stitching carefully so it would look good.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Barbi sorry to hear you've got a cold, I can assure you its going around here at work. So far I'm avoiding it but who know for how long.

I have days like that when I stitch and stitch and there's no obvious progress it seems to be when I'm doing large patches of one colour.

BTW THANKS for your kick ass Run For the Cure Donation!!!!!