Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Molly 5

I can't believe that it's been so long since I've blogged.  ARGH!  Again, it's not that I haven't come to visit it, cause my blog is the gateway to all of your blogs for me.  So I visit here every day and I go to visit all of you :)

I haven't been doing too much stitching, but I did get my Sunday stitching in.  So Molly is still spooky looking, but I hope by this Sunday she'll have her hair and she'll look more like a girl than a ghost.

I have to take a picture of the ornament that hubby and I picked up at the Stampede.  It's so cute.  I'll try to find a minute tomorrow to take a pic and upload it.  It's a little pig couple.  LOL  You'll love it when you see it, just like I did.

Tomorrow, we're getting the trailer ready for camping.  We are heading out for the long weekend and I can hardly wait.  Between work, and getting everything organized and sorted out for our trip to Hungary, we've been kind of been breezing by each other.  So this weekend is our time to sit back around a campfire and reconnect.  He'll do some fishing, I'll do some stitching or some reading, and I might even go out to catch a fish or two.  It should be good...I should say great!!!!  I'm really looking forward to getting away for the weekend.


Blu said...

Great progress, even if she does look rather bald and creepy.

Jan said...

Barbi dear, I do hope you have a wonderful weekend getaway with that special guy of yours! Sounds like you are deserving of that!

I love your Molly...she actually looks quite aristocratic! :o)

Meadows08 said...

Molly is looking rather ghost-like! Have a great camping trip this long weekend and drive safe.

Carol said...

Your Molly is really coming along nicely, Barbi...I hope you had a great weekend--sounds like it must have been relaxing for both of you :)