Monday, October 19, 2009

No update today.

I have had the worst headaches all week. With the changes in the weather, from cold to warm and then back to cold again overnight my head has been a mess that shrinks and expands with mercury in the thermometer. ICK! Although I did manage yesterday to work on The Neighbourhood, but only enough to stitch a fence and the window panes, which is not much to write about nor is it photoworthy, so I will update next week.

Then I gave up on the over 1 that I wanted to stitch Holly & Berries with in about 2 minutes of starting that, if the first row of the border was enough to drive me bonkers, then I couldn't imagine that it was going to be like doing the whole thing, and it's such a pretty piece that I didn't want to end up hating it. So I decided that the over 2 is just fine and I will finish it as a cube to sit on a table. I didn't get any farther on that than the border either, alos not photoworthy. So I will update that next week as well.

Work has been crazy with the flu shots becoming available this past week as well, so we are getting more traffic thru the clinic than usual as well. This morning was crazyland already, but 9 am we had seen 42 patients! wonder I have headaches! LOL

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Deb said...

Hope that your headaches clear up soon. This time is so beautiful with the leaves and everything, but can really play havoc with sinuses, headaches and illnesses in general. Hope you can get them to go away and get in some stitching time.