Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Petal Power.

Well I thought that I would have a happy dance by now with my Suzannah SAL with Kati, but it has yet to be...perhaps this weekend.  But at least I'm closer to the end.  just have to fill in the petals now. YEAH! 

Not much movement on my Fatmen SAL either! But it's coming along.  I have run out of the white so I have to make a run to Michael's and pick some up.  A trip to Michael's is never a bad thing!

I have been so busy this summer so far. Our summers are so short here in Calgary, that when it does arrive we try to pack as much outdoor activity into our lives as possible.  We have been doing day road trips....then camping...doing yardwork...there was Stampede.  Oh it's just been a whirlwind..and I LOVE IT!  So all that takes a little time away from my stitching and some posting as well.  But I hve been stalking all of your blogs and keeping up with you all...even though I haven't been commenting.